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Kareena Kapoor On Twitter?

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor


UTV Motion Pictures recently tweeted that Kareena Kapoor would be “exclusively” tweeting from the UTV Twitter account. First of all, there are very few stars who actively tweet from their account. Stars like Salman Khan, Mallika Sherawat, Farah Khan, Deepika Padukone become most active when their films are on the verge of release. Till then, they keep the proverbial carrot dangling for their fans. And about ghost tweeters, the less said the better. So Kareena tweeting or not, we’re not keeping our hopes high.

Thank You Media!

Sneha Ullal
Sneha Ullal

Fans can go berserk for their idols. One such incident happened to Sneha Ullal (remember the doe-eyed girl with Salman Khan in Lucky?). The actress, who has since turned her gaze southwards since, tweeted, “Rs brothers opening done..krazy crowds..my saree tore and got hurt too..but I’m flattered that I have so many fans..I lovve. Them all.” and “Let’s thank our media for giving us great coverage for the Rs brothers event.and great pictures..Amen”. Talk about looking at the bright side, this girl is sunshine itself!

Salman Khan Fans Vs Shah Rukh Khan Fans

Salman khan in Bodyguard, Shah Rukh Khan In Ra.One
Salman khan in Bodyguard, Shah Rukh Khan In Ra.One

Recently we posted two articles by our fans, both of whom claim to be Shah Rukh Khan fans. While both the authors tried their best not to take sides, the response by fans of Shah Rukh and Salman Khan took us aback. None of the authors insulted either of the stars and they were quite fair in their own right. It seems that fans of both the stars have taken it that if someone supports Salman, he/she HAS to be against Shah Rukh, and vice versa.

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  1. Dear komal sir i watch ur show on etc daily i lik u vry much coz u gv genuine infrmation about boxoffice bt thats not fair to let somebody els to post the articl on ur koimoi site which who belongs to foreign not to india thats unfair komal sir nd the articl which is totaly digs at king of the hearts nd boxoffice SALMAN KHAN..i request u komal sir plz dont let anybody to post an articl on ur site..nd specialy such a rediculous articles lik u hv posted against SALMAN KHAN..THNKS

  2. Why can’t we appreaciate Good Cinema that is made instead of taking sides any of the actors… be it SRK, Sallu Bhai, Aamir, Ajay Devgan, Akshay, Hritik Roashan etc? I am sure everyone who spends money to watch a film expects to see Good Cinema with Good Scripts, Screenplays,Music etc. If a movie is good, whether you are a anybody’s fan for that matter you will want or atleast wish to see it. So why this argument is all about.

    Everyone has their own favourite stars/actors hence everyone has different (Love/Hate) opinions & views. I am sure that a Die Hard Fan or a Regular Fan of SRK will want to watch a Salman or Aamir film & the vice versa of it.

    So basically the bottomline is that if the Film is Good, no matter whose fan you are you will still watch it. Lets not get into the personal & Professional lives of these actors as everyone has different ways to live life, work style, comes from different walks of life but ultimately they all want to make Good Cinemas & entertain us…the Audience / Fans / The Aam Janata… no matter which part of world we stay.


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