As we all know, Rajkummar Rao and Kangana Ranaut have teamed up again for a film after starring in the 2014 hit movie Queen. They are now set for a mental ride with the upcoming film Mental Hai Kya.


Mental Hai Kya will be directed by Prakash Kovelamudi, national award-winning director for Telugu film, Bomelatta. Mental Hai Kya promises to be a young and edgy entertainer and it comes at a time when the different and the bizarre are being celebrated.

Here's Why Kareena Kapoor Khan Rejected The Role For Mental Hai Kya
Kareena Kapoor Khan Rejected Mental Hai Kya, Read On To Know Why!

The latest buzz is that Kareena Kapoor was approached for this role first. According to a report in BollywoodLife, a source informed that Kareena was the first choice for this bizarre role.


“In 2013, Ekta had pitched the idea to Bebo. She wanted to get Kareena and Emraan Hashmi on board for the film, which was previously titled Badtameez Dil. But it never materialised.” The source added.

The source further explained why Kareena said no for the role, “Bebo felt that the storyline was way ahead of its time. It was dark and explosive in many ways. It also had several bold scenes and nudity. Kareena politely refused the film and it was put on the back burner.”

Now, the makers have modified the script, “The team has reworked the story, which has turned out even bolder now. Kangana loved it and agreed to do the film immediately.” Added the source.

Lastly, the source gave details about the movie, “Ekta feels people are ready for a film like this and Kangana is perfect to play the main role. There’s no denying that she’s a terrific actress. Her never-give-a-damn attitude echoes with her on-screen character, too.”




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