A mammoth fan base, an enigmatic screen presence and a decade of embellishing herself as a powerful B town actress, Kareena Kapoor is all nerves with the release of her magnum opus, Heroine almost two weeks from here on!

Kareena Kapoor graces Maxim Magazine Cover September 2012 issue
Kareena Kapoor graces Maxim Magazine Cover September 2012 issue


Amidst all the spine chilling euphoria and nerve wrecked excitement, Kareena Kapoor is one happy woman! Reason? She dethroned arch rival Katrina Kaif to become the ‘Hottest woman of 2012’ according to the popular magazine ‘Maxim’s’ polls! As a result, Bebo graced the coveted covers of the magazine’s issue this September in a black and white shimmering top and a tight black skirt which was seductive enough to reveal a portion of her assets!

The actress, who is busy heavily promoting her upcoming flick making sure there are no loose ends, is mighty pleased with the tag. With a peek-a-boo into her assets on a magazine cover that has been reputed for its extremely vivacious and seductive cover designs, Kareena is making the right noise that a heroine needs to, in order to make her films click. And with the prestigious ‘Hottest Heroine’ tag, Bollywood’s Numero uno ‘Heroine’ is surely on a roll!

Plus, there‘s the hottest relationship advices coming in from the love struck Kareena which comes as an added attraction! Reason enough for Maxim to see a surplus this edition, ain’t it?





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