Earlier this month, singer Kanika Kapoor was discharged from the hospital when she tested negative for COVID-19 after several tests. The Baby Doll singer was the first celeb to be diagnosed with coronavirus. When the news of Kapoor infected with the virus came out, she received a lot of flak from people as she had stepped out and attended parties and travelled after her return from UK in March.

Today, Kanika took to her social media pages and has reacted to all the allegations and negativity that was written about her on social media. Kanika Kapoor shared a long post on her Instagram page and wrote, “I know there are several versions of stories out there about me. Some of them seem to be fuelled even more because I have chosen to be silent till now. I stayed quiet not because I am wrong but in-fact being fully aware that there have been misunderstanding and wrong exchanges of information. I was giving time for the truth to prevail and for people to reach their own realisation.”

Kanika Kapoor On Being Bashed For Testing COVID-19 Positive: "I Stayed Quite NOT Because I Was Wrong..."
Kanika Kapoor On Being Bashed For Testing COVID-19 Positive: “I Stayed Quiet NOT Because I Was Wrong…”

She added, “Every person that I have come in contact with be it in UK, Mumbai or Lucknow has shown no symptoms of Covid-19, in-fact all those tested have been negative. I travelled from UK to Mumbai on 10th March and was duly screened at the international airport. There was no advisory on that day (UK travel advisory was released on 18 March) that stated that I needed to quarantine myself. I showed no ill health so did not quarantine myself. I travelled to Lucknow the following day on the 11th of March to see my family. There was no screening setup for domestic flights.”

She concluded her post, “I want to especially thank the doctors and nurses who have so graciously taken care of me during a very emotionally testing time. I hope that all can deal with this matter with honesty and sensitivity. Negativity thrown at a person does not change the Reality.”

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