Kangana Ranaut in a still from Krrish 3
Kangana Ranaut in a still from Krrish 3

Kangana Ranaut is mostly known for impeccable sense of styling and crafty performances although she has faced a lot of brickbats very early in her career. But this B-town diva is a fighter of sorts. Battling her way to the top, Kangana has kind of made the right choices at the right time.


With Krrish 3, India’s most anticipated superhero flick due this November, Kangana is all smiles about her performance. “Initially you would not believe it was hard for me to say yes to the film, knowing what had happened to me during Kites. The way Anurag had promised my character to be in Kites was not the way it finally shaped out to be. So, I did not want to compromise on my performance this time. I told Rakeshji that I would not like to do it but then he assured me that it was his film and everything would happen the way he wanted. Going by the results today, I am more than happy. He is truly a man of his words.”

Playing the mutant Kaya with effortless ease, Kangana turned heads with her sexy avatar that she carries with élan in Krrish 3. “Kaya is one character that will always be the most special in my career. I am thrilled to be India’s first superwoman and there has luckily been no other superwoman in the history of Indian cinema. Hence hundred years down the line, my character and my performance will be remembered. Kaya is definitely the best work I have done in my entire career and I hope people appreciate that as well”, she smiled as she gleefully made her way to launch a jewellery showroom in Kolkata.

Call her the baddie and she will snap right back at you. Is Kaya totally evil and here comes a spat. “Well she is definitely evil in few sequences given her closeness to the main antagonist of the film. But then all I can say is my character goes through a spectrum of emotions all throughout the film. At times she is really cruel, and wicked and the very next moment she is just sweet and sexy. So you can never totally evaluate what to make out of her. And this irregularity is what makes Kaya all the more exciting.”

And if you believe the promos, there is a definite love angle brewing between Krrish and Kaya as well. Evidence being the Dil tu hi Bata song. So is Kangana the second fiddle? Outrageous as the question is, Kangana almost blasts off to it with concocted peace. “There are three characters in the film played by Hrithik. So obviously there is another love story brewing between me and Hrithik. But until you watch the film, you would not know what it really is like and most importantly, it is too obvious that I would not want to let the cat out of my bag,” she ends off with a smile.

With a brilliant camaraderie that is evident from the palpable chemistry between Kangana and Hrithik and the delectable visual effects raising up the barometric levels to a sky rocketing high, Krrish 3 definitely has the gravitas. It is just another week or so until the entire mystery unfolds. We surely can’t wait!

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  1. I dont know how to make comment, but all i know is that i really love hrithik’s performances in all the films he’ve done so far and it will continue that way forever. I pray that may you see success through out your carrier.

    • Dude…It might have poor songs but you cant say VFX is poor …if you watch all k3 related stuff on HD you will change your mind.You can’t compare K3 VFX to Hollywood movies as there budget is sky high. K3 budget is just 1% of Hollywood movies budget and in respect to that its commendable effort as its solely developed in India. K3 should be appreciated for starting superhero genre in Indian cinema whereas Hollywood has already have this culture from the time of its inception.Taking down someone works is easy but take it down when you have all facts & figures ready on your table.

  2. Krrish 3 is going to be an epic flop which people will remember even after 100 years. Such lame music, poor vfx and tacky(also copied) characters is a perfect recipe for disaster.


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