If earlier this month there was just one song from ‘Joker‘ which was leaked then well, here is more. Just recently the entire album has been leaked on the internet. This is indeed a rude shock for the makers who are also wondering whether it is an insider’s job that is causing all the trouble.

Chitrangada Singh in Joker Movie Stills
Chitrangada Singh in Joker Movie Stills

“When I Wanna Fakht You‘ was leaked first, the makers didn’t complain much because it seemed like a one off instance. Moreover the official release was only a day or two away and at the end of the day, the controversy generated by the song did add on to the film’s publicity. However an entire album being leaked is simply not done. Piracy is anyways so rampant and now with all songs out in open with the official album release still a while away, it is definitely not something to be happy about”, informs an insider.

The makers are now trying to do the damage control and are approaching all the websites in question to remove these songs and disable downloads. However one wonders how far would they be able to control the spread now since it is believed that pirated CDs of the album are already in circulation.

When contacted, Shirish Kunder, the film’s director, confessed that he too was taken by surprise when he heard about this on Twitter.

“I have informed UTV about this and they are figuring out the matter with Sony”, he said.

He doesn’t have any clue around the source behind the leak. “I don’t know how this has happened and frankly I am not putting my energy in thinking about that either. After submitting the songs CD, I have been busy focusing on the film’s post production. I see no point in how I can go about investigating the matter.”

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