Hottie John Abraham’s love for speed and bikes will be coming handy once again. Director Sajid Khan wants to use John’s biking skills for some daredevil stunts in Housefull 2. If that didn’t sound exciting enough, here’s more: Sajid wants John to ride a Harley Davidson along the sides of one of London’s iconic Big Red Buses before making a perfect landing!

John Abraham's Bike Stunt In Housefull 2!

While Sajid knows that the sequence will require a lot of training and preparation, he wants to make sure he gets the stunt as real as possible. In fact, he even wants to rope in circus performers from the Maut ka kuwa (Well of Death) acts.

And true to his filmy style, Sajid wants a scene in which his heroes John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh and Rahul Khanna take on 40 fighters all by themselves. While the director does look up to Dabangg, he’s looking at a more urban setting for his fight scene.

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