So you think John Abraham and Bipasha Basu have broken up? Well, you cannot be blamed for believing so, given the number of stories about John and Bipasha’s break-up that have inundated the internet today (Feb 16). Well, here’s the truth about the status of their relationship, only on

John and Bipasha Break Up?
Still Smiling: John and Bipasha are still very much together.

Just two days ago, on Valentine’s Day, the only point of contention between John and Bipasha was the five-star hotel where they would be spending their romantic night-out. Should it be Wasabi at The Taj Mahal Palace, in South Mumbai, or the Four Seasons in Central Mumbai? Did John and Bipasha fight over this? Relax, we are just joking.

A sexy John picked up a sexy Bipasha in his über-cool maroon two-seater Audi R8 from her place and they sped off to a destination of their choice. No fights, no break-up. John and Bipasha’s fans can heave a sigh of relief.

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