On Monday, 1st August, CBI ruled out the possibility of murder in Jiah Khan’s case. According to the investigation carried out by CBI, Jiah Khan’s death was a suicide.

A report was submitted by Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh who said that the probe carried out by CBI was on the right track and that Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan’s allegations regarding Sooraj Pancholi’s involvement was baseless.

Jiah Khan Not Murdered; Committed Suicide State CBI
Jiah Khan Not Murdered; Committed Suicide State CBI

While Mumbai Police had earlier concluded that the it was a suicide case, it was Rabia who claimed Pancholi’s involvement under the pretext of abetment of suicide.

Now, after the CBI’s statement, the Bombay High court has now asked Rabia and her lawyer Dhairyasheel Patil to submit a list of anomalies in the case by August 24th.

The list is to have three columns listing anomalies in police probe, another enumerating anomalies in CBI investigation and one mentioning Rabia’s views on the points left out in the probe.

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