Jasleen Royal: "When Online Dating Apps Are Playing Cupid, It's Difficult To Maintain A Relationship"
Jasleen Royal: “When Online Dating Apps Are Playing Cupid, It’s Difficult To Maintain A Relationship”(Photo Credits: Instagram/Jasleen Royal)

Singer Jasleen Royal says her reality reflects in her music, because she wants it to make it relatable to her listeners.


“My music reflects a part of reality, either from my own life or from somebody’s experiences, and my goal has always been to be relatable to listeners,” Jasleen said.


Jasleen is trying to tell of a changing reality with her new song “Sang rahiyo”, a take on modern long-distance relationships.

“I hope when people listen to the track they realise that you can find love anywhere if it’s meant to be, and that if it’s the right person, and someone who inspires you to evolve and become the best version of yourself, it will always feel like home despite the distance,” she added.

The “Nachde ne saare” hitmaker continued: “In an era when online dating apps are playing cupid, it gets difficult to maintain a relationship, let alone one that involves distance. A failed long-distance relationship is feared by everyone. While some relationships may just not succeed, some succumb to the difficulties of compensating for distance between the partners.

“Although the lyrics were written eight months ago, currently since most couples separated by distance are facing the downsides due to the pandemic, so I thought it’s the best time to release it.”

The song, which navigates through the lives of a young couple who are geographically apart and are exploring ways to stay connected, features YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia in the video.

“I have been a huge fan of Ranveer Allahbadia’s style of creative work and I felt our on-screen synergies would match,” Jasleen added.

Talking about the song, Allahbadia said: “This opportunity helped me explore a completely new creative side to myself. A lot of great energy and effort has gone into the making of this video. It’s a very cute, romantic song and I think everyone will be able to relate to it really well.”

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