Vivek Oberoi (Kismet Love Paisa Dilli Movie Stills)
Vivek Oberoi (Kismet Love Paisa Dilli Movie Stills)

One would have expected that being a Punjabi, it would have been a cakewalk for Vivek Oberoi to turn ‘Lucky’ for his upcoming film ‘Kismet Love Paisa Dilli‘. However the actor insists that it was far more difficult the part of a naughty ‘tharki’ when compared to jumping from the buildings (Prince) or enacting some high drama sequences (Rakht Charitra) in this Sanjay Khanduri directed film.


“People tell me that they can see how I have let my hair down like never before in KLPD. Well yes, that’s indeed true, however it wasn’t easy at all”, smiles Vivek who is returning to the big screen two years after the Ram Gopal Varma directed biopic, “To play Lucky was a very difficult experience for me. See, you can ask me to jump from a building or hang from a helicopter; I would be game for that. If you ask me to read a four page long dialogue sheet in one take and I would do that too. However the kind of stuff that I have done in KLPD us unimaginable.”

In this Amit Chandrra production, Vivek plays a Delhi University student and someone who is at least 10 years younger than his real age. For that, he didn’t just have to bring about a change in his body language but also reinvent the whole mannerism as well as vocabulary.

“I had to become ‘Lucky’. Period”, he says, “To get that ‘Dilli-pana’ and ‘Punjabiyat’, I had to keep hearing that language and interact with Punjabis. I had to bring myself into that mode before I could be ready to face the camera.”

However once on sets, he went totally as per the vision shared by Sanjay and even though he has done quite a few films in his decade long career (while the director is just one film old), he was content to follow directions.

“See, I never go to a set and start dictating things. Whether it is his second or 25th film, at the end of the day he is a director and it is his vision. To follow that, I spent a lot of time with Sanjay. In fact I also depended a lot on him for guidance since he knew Lucky and KLPD inside out.”

He was of course available to share his experiences as an actor.

“If there was any issue or problem faced by Sanjay, he was always most welcome to ask me for suggestions. When it came to brainstorming, I was always there. However I was totally committed to the script which was basically Sanjay’s baby. I just followed it to the T.”




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