Salman Khan at an event
Salman Khan at an event

The other day Koimoi carried a piece on how an online petition has been launched to remove Salman Khan as the host of Bigg Boss. The popular reality show which is currently in its 7th season has created quite an uproar given the magnitude of the controversies on the show. Salman has received scathing remarks from the ousted contestants of the show and viewers for being biased towards house inmate Tanisha who is the younger sister of film actress Kajol.


Salman Khan did not take the criticism kindly finding it uncalled for. He took to Twitter to express his displeasure over being called unfair and biased.

He wrote, “Its okay that some people have not liked BB 7. Each one is entitled to their opinions so no point in you guys fighting like BB7 on twitter. Some times even I don’t like what I do on BB, so don’t blame them at all. The format of the show is such that every week the games to win get complicated, contestants get upset, fans hurt but this is the show. It’s very complicated dealing with self respect, egos, anger, games, language, lies, drama, nominations, evictions every day it teaches you. Some time what to do, how to react and what never to do. It’s really tough and scary for the contestants inside mentally and physically. Think its the toughest show to do and host specially if you get attached to the show, contestants and channel, it’s not scripted sab reality hai.”

He continued saying, “Film industry watches BB, the contestants obviously want to be a part of it, who would wanna work with some one badly behaved, unprofessional etc. I keep on telling them what feed back I get some times its upsetting and depresses them but who listens, next minute they do what they want to. So the guys who are fighting for the host and against don’t need to because the host himself does not quiet like what he does right or wrong so chill. So till then do what u want to man like the BB7 contestants and keep enjoying the show. BB fans who don’t like saturday n sunday episodes, plz don’t waste your time sure u have v imp things to do. Elections coming up do vote. seriously if u don’t like plz don’t watch, even if 1 family member does not like it the rest shld respect that n change the channel.”

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  1. Saalman bhai i m your big fan but pata nahi why i feel u are supporting tanisha and arman and that is wrong ‘be cool and watch your own act how badly you are behaving with Kamiya,partusha,Gohar and ajaz after watching urself u will be the best judge of your own.Next thing it is not the way to say people if u don’t like the show stop watching it,can u say same thing on releasing time of your next movie?


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