Aditi Rao Hydari
Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao Hydari is as excited as a heroine can be in a Bhatt film which centres on a man-woman relationship. While Mahesh Bhatt has gone ahead and made references to everyone from Shabana Azmi to Nutan, Aditi is happy collecting all the compliments and waiting for audience to announce its verdict.

When it comes to a film coming from the house of Bhatts, a girl is expected to be as uninhibited as she can get. Looks like that is pretty much going to be the case with you as well in ‘Murder 3’?
In my personal life I am very well behaved. But then when in front of the camera, inhibitions don’t matter to me (smiles). This question has been popped in front of me multiple times that am I comfortable doing bold scenes despite being cute and all. The answer is, ‘Yes, I am proud to have done that’. The camera makes me completely free and at ease; I enjoy performing in front of it, whether it is for a scene or a song.


Meanwhile from the performance perspective too, seems like you would be exploring an altogether different territory this time around, isn’t it?
Absolutely. I have done love stories in the past. London Paris New York was breezy, Yeh Saali Zindagi was passionate and now Murder 3 has a lot of layers. It is about a relationship where there is celebration, joy and at the same time natural fears that a woman carries. What you get to see are natural banters between the two characters. A lot of people would be able to connect with the core story since there is always this question in every girl’s mind that whether my guy is telling the truth or not. The thriller aspect only adds on to it. I had to live with the story in it’s every moment, whether love, joy, celebration or pathos.

You just mentioned about the natural fears as well as the suspicion that a girl carries while being in love. Do you wish to elaborate on that?
Of course I can’t get into details as yet else the mystery element would go away (smiles). I can tell you though that this film deals with the question around trust in a relationship and how we learn to deal with each other. That is what Roshni’s (name of her character) journey is all about. Of course she can make her own choices and has a mind of her own. Still, at one point in the film there is this question that arrives that ‘This person whom I love, can he do anything for me?’

While one waits to get answer to that, can one say that it is going to be a killing Valentines?
Yes, it is going to be a murderous Vanetines (laughs). When Bhatt saab made Arth, it questioned the institution of marriage. Today times have changed and the kind of gigantic proportion that a relationship can take is to be seen to be believed. Of course blood will be shed!

Directed by first timer Vishesh Bhatt, ‘Murder 3’ releases this Friday.

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