Once upon a time, Salman Khan had the sole right over the title of ‘Bollywood’s Bad Boy’, but it looks like Shah Rukh Khan might soon be taking over the mantle from him.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan


After his recent spat at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, Shah Rukh has dug himself deeper in the pit of infamy. The actor allegedly abused MCA officials after a cricket match. Earlier, it was news of SRK getting detained at the airport that made headlines. And news of the Khan hitting filmmaker Shirish Kunder is still fresh in public memory.

Remember the time when it was Salman who was in trouble for hitting his girlfriends or running over people or hunting down animals? Then it was the Salman versus Shah Rukh duels that used to be the biggest talk of town, but while Salman manages to keep his head low now, luck seems to have run out for this 46-year old star.

While film writer Mushtaq Shiekh has spoken up for SRK, “Somebody physically pushed Suhana for playing! Any parent would have done what @iamsrk did! Why wouldnt he be angry? If a parent stands up for his child…how does it become hooliganism? Can the press explain what’s all this negative reportage on @iamsrk ?”, Twitter.com seems mostly bereft of support for Shah Rukh.

Enough of all the bad publicity. Will Shah Rukh finally get his act together?




  1. srk did righ..he alwys righ..no one can stop him..srk alwys be there whenever ipl wants advertise or issues ,function etc..and dnt forget that noone wr ready to buy ipl teams at that time srk buyed team wth 300+cr..kkr..and if srk’s kkr wd not there ipl wd be flop / not even finish its 2years..shame on u all srk hatersssss..

  2. Kick this man out of Bollywood until he becomes a road-side beggar as before! He is too arrogant and cocky!


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