Shah Rukh Khan has been under a lot of pressure to meet his fans’ expectations considering that Salman Khan’s Dabangg and Rajnikant’s Robot have already upped the ante when it comes to hype and box-office returns.

Shah Rukh Khan

It seems like Shah Rukh may be taking a few leaves out of Rajni’s book. We’ve heard that an action sequence on a speeding train in SRK’s Ra.One is identical to the stunt in Robot. Though both the films have completely different plots, and have been shot in different locations, the common factor is said to be an action sequence on board the local train. While, Rajnikant’s fight sequence, where he rescues Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from a bunch of goons, was loved by the audience; very little is know about SRK’s train action sequence apart from the fact that parts of were shot in Mumbai and Lonavala earlier this year.

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Is it plain coincidence that both of them have ended up with similar scenes? Will SRK have to go the extra mile to re-edit the train sequence in Ra.One so that it does not resemble the scene in Rajni’s film? Well, one thing is for sure. After the massive all-India success of Robot, Shah Rukh had conveyed a special preview screening of the rough edit of his film to ascertain if any additions must be made to the film.  But with the shooting of the train sequence costing close to an estimated Rs 30 million (Rs. 3 crore), we’re sure that Shah Rukh isn’t too keen on scrapping it entirely.

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Is Shah Rukh Khan Borrowing From ‘Robot’ For ‘Ra. One’?

The actor isn’t going slow even with his body going thinner by the minute. Though the shooting of Ra. One in its last phase, the actor has already started shooting for Farhan Akhtar’s action-thriller Don 2. Continuing with his daredevil stunts in Don, SRK jumped from the roof of the Park Inn Hotel in Berlin for a chase scene. He tweeted, “Just did a over 300 feet base jump for Don…cos you all make me believe I can fly… My jump was last shot of day. Want to thank my duplicate & action team, to do it before me for wide shots & make me feel confident about it.” He later posted a picture of the building with the tweet, “Done the base jump from this building…eh the tall one on the left…now feeling scared.”

We are sure that SRK will overcome his other fears too!

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