Koimoi Reader Rama Rajagopalan, has written and expressed his thoughts on the entire AIB Roast Controversy and various celebrities commenting and expressing their views on the same. Recently, when superstar Aamir Khan commented on the Roast controversy, our reader asks – whether it’s Salman Khan the main reason for Aamir slamming AIB Roast.


The AIB Roast seems to have become a matter of national concern and it became one of those controversies which was blown out of proportion for alleged vulgar and bold content. There seemed to be more attention given to the AIB roast rather than the Delhi assembly elections, how ironical is that!

Well, the way the reactions have been coming in for the language and jokes on the AIB show, it seems people have forgotten that even TV shows have served the same content for years now and with every new season of Roadies and Bigg Boss we make sure to learn the beeped versions of slangs that the celebrities indulge in.

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan
Salman Khan and Aamir Khan

While the roast took digs at a host of Bollywood celebrities, naturally the media has been questioning all possible celebrities for their reactions to this controversial mess. At a recent event actor Aamir Khan too was asked about the same and it seems he has outrightly called the video content ‘violent’ and also expressed a displeasure about Karan Johar and Arjun Kapoor being a part of such an event.

This came as a shock to many but I was quite certain that Aamir would give such a reaction considering his loyalties now lie with his show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that promotes morals and conduct. It seems the actor quite easily forgot his production stint of Delhi Belly which is still considered one of the boldest films to have released in Bollywood for its content. The film is impossible to be aired on Television due to the nature of its content and Aamir defends the same by calling it ‘adult-friendly’.

Well, Mr. Khan may I remind you that AIB too issued a huge disclaimer stating the content to be unsuitable for those below 18. Stating that abusive language is not ‘funny’ for him, I am surprised at how conveniently the actor has contradicted himself after at one point promoting Delhi Belly with a warning video where in he himself swears one of the most-used Hindi slang with a beep but strong enough for interpretation by the lip-movements. The promotional video itself states that the film has vulgar content and that it is not meant for ‘pakao’ people.

Check out the video Aamir Khan promoting Delhi Belly here:

Clearly after doing all this, one of the strongest reasons for Aamir Khan lashing out at the AIB video is his buddy Salman Khan. Since AIB roast had cracked a fair share of jokes on Salman’s sister Arpita Khan, an agitated Salman apparently threatened the AIB to pull down the offensive content. Rumor mongers suggest that Salman is the man behind AIB’s video being pulled down and now his friend Aamir who has not even seen the entire video calls it offensive and unfunny.

In an interview on the ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ during the Delhi Belly release Aamir had mentioned that ‘If you can’t handle abusive language, don’t watch Delhi Belly‘ and I think he needs to follow his own advise when it comes to the AIB video.

Don’t Watch Delhi Belly, If You Can’t Stand Abuses, Said Aamir Khan in 2011:

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  1. there is a big difference between a film and a live show with more than 4000 people. A film content are abused and voilent then the censor board is there to give a release certificate , whereas in this case AIB has not gone through any leagal procedure . a live show with such slang language is unethical, immoral, offfensive, voilent, crime and against the Indian culture and Indian constitution. So don’t compare aamir’s film with such a radiculous show.

  2. hello dear,
    he is just giving his personal view about this…..Like if anything bad (may be not 4 u) happen surrounding to you and asked to you that what do you think about that incident….every person have right to give their point about this type of cheapness like you are giving…..hats off to you man

  3. I hope u read it properly..what Aamir said…he said that he personally did not like it but he is all for freedom of speech..and since he did not like..he did not watch..but he is against putting a ban on it..get ur facts right before writing anything


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