There was a time when comedies used to be looked down upon. But today, that’s not the case. Why?
Comedies used to be looked down upon when they used to run only in Bombay and a few more cities. But today, comedy films have come to be accepted all over. So there’s no question of frowning upon them. Times change, tastes change!

Aamir Khan (Dhobi Ghat Movie Stills)

The first month has been very good for the industry. Your prediction for the next two months of the first quarter?
The next more than three months may not be as good because of the opposition of the World Cup and IPL cricket matches.

Can we term ‘Dhobi Ghat’ as a hit film in commercial terms? Is it because of smart economics or Aamir Khan’s brand value?
A mixture of both. Smart economics made Aamir not attribute any cost to the film for his acting, thereby reducing the budget of the film. Brand Aamir led to an enviable initial, considering the medium budget of the film (approximately Rs. 11 to 12 crore including cost of promotion and release).

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