Sandeep Acharya who had won the second season of Indian Idol back in 2006, on Sunday morning passed away. He was at Gurgaon Hospital and was undergoing treatment.


Sandeep who succumbed to Jaundice had initially neglected his health. He was admitted in a local hospital in Bikaner, which is his hometown. He was in critical condition and it was then when his health deteriorated further, he was moved to Gurgaon. He was reported to have been recovering and his condition was under control. But unfortunately Sandeep breathed his last on Sunday at 9 a.m.

Sandeep Acharya
Sandeep Acharya

Sandeep who was 29, hailed from Bikaner, Rajasthan, has left behind by his wife and a one-month old daughter. Sandeep was one of the favorite contestants in Indian Idol Season 2, and with his mellifluous voice and simplistic charm, he even won the season.

Sonu Nigam, who was moved by this piece of news, tweeted on a social networking site, “Sandeep Acharya died? Oh my God… his Wikipedia has been modified 15 minutes back… any1 knows how? I’m so so sad. Wht a btful soul”.

We would like to offer condolences to the Acharya family and may Sandeep’s soul rest in peace.

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  1. This news made me go completely numb. I don’t know how and what to react.sandeep was so simple at heart that his simplicity turned out to be his strongest point iguess, in winning the season. I am so so so sad knowing this. I remember his album songs after he won the title. I really wish some miracle happens and we get him back, but I know my prayers won’t make a difference. In that case I can just ask god to let him rest in peace. I am giving my wholehearted condolences to aaacharya family. Rest in peace sandeep :


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