The most sought after music composer of Bollywood, A R Rahman has given us many hits. Also fulfilling the Indian dream, the composer is an Oscar award winner for his work in Slumdog Millionaire. In a rare interview during the 90s, we caught Rahman sharing his experiences on composing music.


On his entry into the music industry, the composer states that he came from a family with a musical background. Rahman’s father also a music composer died when he was young and since then the composer took up music and decided to go his fathers way.

A R Rahman
A R Rahman

He further quips about his experience as a music director and says, “I started composing music when I was 20”. Further talking about the key elements required to be a good music director, Rahman says, “A good music director should bring out the feel that the film requires”. He states that the music should lift up the cinematic experience.

On winning a National award for his work, a young Rahman laughingly admits that maintaining the standard is his goal.

Find out more about young A R Rahman’s musical journey here:

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