Esha Gupta has spoken against the ongoing crisis in Syria. She says that humanity and children are dying and it needs to stop.


“I don’t care which country or religion or government I have, humanity is dying. The children are dying and it needs to stop, now Syria is bleeding,” Esha tweeted alongside a photograph of an injured child.

Humanity is dying: Esha on ongoing Syria crisis
“I don’t Care Which Country Or Religion I Have, Humanity Is Dying: Esha Gupta On Crisis In Syria


Syrian government forces on Sunday continued their airstrikes and shelling of Eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held suburb of the capital Damascus, hours after the UN Security Council approved resolution demanding a 30-day nationwide cease-fire.

A week of intense attacks on Eastern Ghouta killed at least 510 people, including 127 minors, according to latest figures.  Esha Gupta, who has worked in Bollywood films like Jannat 2, Rustom and Commando 2, is currently working on an Iranian project.

“Right now I am working on an Iranian film,” Esha told IANS here. The actress recently walked for brand Meena Bazaar and Vastya Couture’s ‘Destination Love’ line at Delhi Times Fashion Week on Sunday.

The brand showcased a bright collection that was the perfect amalgamation of traditional aesthetics and contemporary trends. Perfect for the grand Indian destination wedding, the collection seamlessly transitioned from the quintessential wedding wear to revitalized contemporary hautè outfits.

Talking about her evolution as a fashion queen, Esha said: “My style still remains, but fashion is something that changes with every season. I’ve got a great team who understands my style and make me look like I do.”




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