Shah Rukh Khan, who came from a non-film background, does not believe that his children should follow in his footsteps to pursue a career in acting. The superstar, who’s now 50 and hopes to open an acting institute, however says his daughter Suhana is keen to be an actress.

The Hindi film industry is replete with film families – the Kapoors and the Bachchans.

“I don’t believe in legacy. My father was not an actor. I became an actor and I feel there is no need for my children to become actors. I will not tell them what they should do as I have never been told by my parents what to do.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

“It does not matter what I want for my children, except what they want to be. And if they do not become actors, I’ll still love them more,” he said at an event here.

He does not believe that his children have inherited his acting ability, but said: “My son (Aryan) is studying and I want him to complete his graduation, but my daughter wants to learn acting, but I don’t know which institute in India I should send her to.”

SRK has another son named AbRam but he’s too young.

Talking about his dream project, the actor-producer said: “I learnt acting when I was doing theater for seven to eight years. I luckily worked with Barry John and studied a lot about acting and that learning helped me. I wish to make an acting institute where youngsters can get to learn professional acting, and understand from international artistes what acting is about.

“But it won’t be called Shah Rukh Khan Acting as I’m able to act one kind of acting which sounds very confining.”

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