Much before Hrithik Roshan hit the Bollywood platform with his Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, he was helped by Salman Khan for his stupendous physique. After years of friendship-gone-sour when Salman demeaned Guzaarish by making derogatory comments about the film on his show, the two never saw eye to eye. Not until this New Year eve.

Hrithik, who is going through a terrible phase, after he broke news of his broken marriage and split with Susanne, had attended Salman’s New Year’s party at his Panvel farm house on this New Year’ eve, much to our surprise. The meet, which gave a hint of their public spat finally coming to a closure, had to be cut short as Hrithik decided to leave around 8.30 pm and ring in New Year at Sonali Bendre’s house. But when Hrithik had to discuss and talk about his life and angst, he took up to Salman, yet again for help.

Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan at an event
Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan at an event

Much like his character, ‘Love Guru’ from Partner, Salman, who is known to have a golden heart listened to Hrithik as he spent the entire night at Salman’s few days ago yet again. The topic of their discussion, was as expected, Hrithik’s fallen marriage and his ex-wife Susanne Khan. Although the reports of Hrithik choosing to ignore promoting his film Krrish 3 on the Bigg Boss platform came in just weeks ago, this piece of news made way for a newer alag-che friendship that has already started brewing between the two.

Salman, in spite of being a bachelor, heard Hrithik out and gave him a shoulder to express his feelings to. Not just that, like a mature individual, he consoled Hrithik Roshan chatting with him and explaining him the nuances of marriage! It is good to see Hrithik returning back to his mentor, after his personal life hit a total rock-bottom. This news certainly would come across as a déjà vu for another superstar, Aamir Khan who was heard saying on KJo’s chat show that despite having almost no good feelings with each other, he had run into Salman after his separation with Reena Roy had caused his life to come to a halt. Salman then, had also lent him an ear and helped Aamir get past it.

With Hrithik also choosing everyone’s so-called-agony-uncle Salman for help, this remains a testimony to the new dosti in Bolly ville. But will this dosti sustain for long? Will this friendship with Salman Khan have any impact on Hrithik’s rapport with SRK? God only knows!

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