Aftab Shivdasani from 1920 - Evil Returns Movie
Aftab Shivdasani from 1920 – Evil Returns Movie

1920 – Evil Returns has been accepted by the audience (despite fetching not-so-flattering reviews from many sections of the media) and producer Vikram Bhatt along with director Bhushan Patel is having the final laugh. The director says that the idea was not to just go ahead and make a ‘safe horror’ film but instead quite some thinking went behind creating what eventually played on screen.

“I said to Vikram that for 1920 – Evil Returns, let’s not make a quintessential horror film but instead something which is more of a love story with a ghost as a villain,” Bhushan reveals the ‘raaz’, “Now Vikram is a leading horror filmmaker in the Hindi film industry and has proved his prowess over the medium time and again. It made sense for me to gain from his expertise. He knows what is required in the genre and with the requirement of a love story coming in, he made sure while writing the film itself that the overall plot was convincing and intriguing enough.”

No wonder, once he had the written material of the Aftab Shivdasani and Tia Bajpai film in hand, Bhushan was up for some surprise.

He continues, “Vikram’s experience as a writer came across handy as well; he is just wonderful in his job. Moreover, he helped me edit the film as well. In fact there are certain sequences which have left me surprised as well even though I directed them. Vikram always says that there should always be a story behind the story. If you look at his Raaz 3, it has an emotional spine to it since there is a strong backdrop of hatred behind it all. Now in 1920 Evil Returns as well, it was this very factor that worked.”

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