Everyone knows that it’s tough making it in Bollywood if you don’t have a godfather or if you are not from a filmy family. For one, Ranveer Singh, who makes his acting debut in Yash Raj Films’ Band Baaja Baaraat Trailer Link will vouch for that.

'Band Baaja Baaraat' Movie Still

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During the shooting of the film, which co-stars Anushka Sharma, the team ended up shooting till late night. Now this meant that shops and other businesses in the vicinity had to be closed for the filming. It so happened that one of the wine-shop owners got livid at the crew for causing losses to his business as he had to shut shop due to the ongoing shooting. He even threatened to disrupt the shoot and stall proceedings.

That’s when Ranveer came to the rescue. No, he did not beat up the poor shop owner or anything of that sort; in fact Ranveer pleaded with him saying, “Please sir let us shoot. This is my first film and very important for my career.” The shop owner relented and let the team continue peacefully.

And you would have thought Anushka Sharma would have used those charms of hers!

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