Hrithik Roshan has to work hard on my backbone to maintain it
Hrithik Roshan has to work hard on his backbone to maintain it.

Hrithik Roshan has almost totally gotten over his back problem which had confined him to the bed for weeks on end and because of which he has not been able to shoot for months together. Recalling the harrowing days when his back pain rendered him immobile, Hrithik says, “I actually thought, it was all over for me. I had suffered back pain earlier too but I came out of it. Then, I had trouble with my knee but I managed to pull myself out of that too. However, this time, I thought, I’d never be able to fight back. After all, how many times could luck favour me? I was in despair, dejected, depressed and in terrible pain.” But it is sheer will power that made Hrithik stand on his feet again. Says the actor, “I could keep feeling sorry for myself and cursing my luck or I could try to come out of it. I tried, slowly but surely. I made small efforts and I persevered. I took small steps to recovery but I was consistent. And the impossible happened – I got cured.” The talented actor, who talks of philosophy and spiritualism as if he has been a student of both since years, adds, “Now, I’ve learnt to live with my delicate back. Like we all know, we have to brush our teeth every morning to maintain them, I know, I have to work hard on my backbone to maintain it. I’ve accepted that and I’m at peace with myself.”

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