Koimoi.com brings you things you didn’t know about Housefull 2:

Akki, Akki Bond


Akshay Kumar’s character in the movie (Sunny) is said to be a comic inspiration of the iconic British spy, James Bond.

Pushing The Release Date

The release date of Housefull 2 was changed from 1 June to 5 April, and finally 6 April 2012.

Housefull 2 Movie Poster
Housefull 2 Movie Poster

Legal Troubles

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya has filed a case against the makers of Housefull 2 for allegedly lifting a tune from the latter’s album, Tere Bina and using it in the song Do You Know. The item song in the film, Anarkali Disco Chali, has also been dragged to court on the grounds of “spreading disinformation and distorting history”.

6 Trailer In A Movie?

It looks like almost six movie trailers will be attached to Housefull 2! The makers of Rowdy Rathore, Teri Meri Kahani, Kya Super Kool Hain Hum, Vicky Donor, Bittoo Boss and Tezz have reportedly approached producer Sajid Nadiadwala to insert their movie trailer with the dirty dozen.

Bhai Bhai!

Brothers Randhir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor may have acted in countless films but this is their first film together! The actors are said to have been so overwhelmed after their first scene together, that both of them broke down.

Housefull 3!

Yup, Sajid Khan has laid out plans for Housefull 3 even before the release of Housefull 2 ! And this time he wants the cast to be bigger!

Malaika Arora Khan Song In Anarkali Disco Chali
Malaika Arora Khan Song In Anarkali Disco Chali

Another “Inspiration”

The song Papa Toh Band Bajaye has an uncanny resemblance to the song We No Speak Americano by the Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool. Luckily, they haven’t been dragged to court for this one… yet.




  1. My friend went to watch this movie and he regret it still now , he went to watch the movie and started crying as he was tortured by the movie , then he started banging his head on seat and started crying loudly , he not wanted to go out as he spent Rs 80 on movies so he slept then he became very happy as movie ended he started dancing with joy and came out , when i asked him what you watched he told , i don’t know , That s HOUSE FOOL , then he told me the story what had happened to him , now we had a plan we gave one ticket to our biggest enemy , then we started following him we were standing outside movie hall and miracle happened 2 employees of movie theater were dragging him out of theater you want to know why , because he lost his mind , as he was watching film the film tortured him so much that he started wandering in theater there he saw on couple were doing there honey moon so he went too , then song started “Papa to band bajaye ” then his husband kicked him , now he had nothing to do rather than watch the film so he started throwing any which came in his hand (shoes on screen)then he spitted on screen then he wanted to pee on screen and he opened his zip and stared pee on scree at that time song was going on “Anaar kali disco chali” and he was shouting and saying Anaar kali hagney chali , anaar kali mutney chaliBetter To watch TITANIC 3-D on 5 April releasing on same day ,rather
    than wasting money on this HOUSEFULL 2 crap , childish , loud , (Zabardasti ki
    hui comedy) even Taarak mehta ka oolta chasma or laugther show are much better
    then it ,

    Every Thing is copied
    see from where PAPA TOH BAND BAJAYE is copied from (even the scene is also
    copied of band mans rishi kapoor etc as bandman)- “We No Speak Americano
    ” by Yolanda Be Cool



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