Super Cassettes released Kajraare without any publicity, and rather abruptly, on 15th October. Considering that it opened in only one show, that too, in only two cinemas (New Empire, Bombay and Apollo, Pune; one show each) of India, the release by Super Cassettes must be for tax purposes. Otherwise, the production house wouldn’t have released the film in such an odd fashion. Since there wasn’t any advance publicity or build-up to this fractured release, there obviously wasn’t any awareness about the release. At New Empire in Bombay, the film was screened for just one person – the one who brought the print from the laboratory to the cinema! The scene at Apollo in Pune probably couldn’t have been any different.

Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘Kajraare’ Releases Only In Two Cinemas!

Director Pooja Bhatt stated on her Twitter account, “T series releasing ‘Kajraare’ in this ‘unique’ manner reinstates my belief that it is not money but conviction that gets films made + released.” The film starring Himesh Reshammiya and newcomer Mona Laizza, was about a lawyer falling in love with a prostitute.

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