Kareena Kapoor in a Still from Heroine Movie
Kareena Kapoor in a Still from Heroine Movie

She restrained herself when it came to Agent Vinod. While it was Saif Ali Khan who was all over the place, Kareena Kapoor was happy to stay on the back-foot when it came to the film’s promotion. However things are different for Heroine where she is playing the title role. Pretty much touted as a milestone film in her career, Kareena is going all out to make sure that the Madhur Bhandarkar affair is seen, heard and spoken about.


Since ‘Heroine’ has been set in the film industry, one expects every inside account to be told. However in a near two hour long film, can one really expect the duration to justify the subject’s intent?
The film’s duration is 2:20 hours and I think that’s just the right correct. At the end of the day, the film is not a docudrama depicting the film industry. If that was the case then we would have made it into a two part affair and released it as a five hour long saga (smiles). That was not the intent as in a precise duration we wanted to keep things exciting and interesting.

How do you do that?
Well, for starters we have to keep things about industry’s functioning to be interesting enough for any average member of the audience to relate to. What’s the point if only film fraternity identifies with certain characters or incidents? Yes, we are showing various aspects of media, the world of glamour and the various manipulations that people indulge in but still in a simple format.

So do we get to see some autobiographical elements coming into play as well?
Well, there are quite a few scenes where I felt that this has happened to me or could happen to a heroine. The film is so close to reality and that’s the reason why I wanted to do the film. See, Madhur doesn’t show anything black or white. He takes a dark and edgy route and the same is true for ‘Heroine’ as well. You would see that if there are chiffon sareers and snow peaked moutntains then there is also a downside of things.

Guess the simple girl of ‘Jab We Met’ and ‘3 Idiots’ is being left behind after all?
See, most of my fans and audience have seen me as a girl next door like Geet or Pia. However I have to keep doing something different. I am extremely passionate about acting and have to make audience exclaim that ‘Oh my God, she is the same girl who was in ‘Jab We Met’ and is now so different in ‘Heroine’’. I have to explore North Pole as well as South Pole in the world of acting so that everyone can actually believe that here is this actress who took up a role like this as a challenge.

Meanwhile Saif too took a challenge in the form of ‘Agent Vinod’ but it didn’t work. Later he played safe with ‘Cocktail’ and it was a big hit. Since he seems to be forming a good ‘jodi’ with Deepika Padukone, doesn’t it pinch you a little?
(Smiles) Come on, things happen film to film. Tomorrow he would give a successful film with some other actress also. At the end of the day it is the script which would count. If they happen to be together there again then it’s great for them.

In that case how about you and Saif coming together again?
I don’t think that is happening at all for some time at the least (laughs)




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