Back in 2010 Shankar surprised everyone with Enthiran; that movie paved a path for many filmmakers to take risks & go out of their way to break the usual template of Bollywood. 2.0 starring Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson is here & here’s why I (I, being the keyword here) think it’s a BLOCKBUSTER even before its release.


It’s not an unknown fact that Shah Rukh Khan was first offered Robot in 2010 but he was already working on something similar in Ra.One. Shah Rukh Khan’s effort failed at the box office but even that film deserves every bit of a respect. When the teaser of 2.0 was out a couple of months ago, many started criticising it for not upto the mark VFX.

Here's Why Akshay Kumar & Rajinikanth's 2.0 Is Already A BLOCKBUSTER Before Release!
Here’s Why Akshay Kumar & Rajinikanth’s 2.0 Is Already A BLOCKBUSTER Before Release!

Earlier this month the makers launched the trailer, which also was welcomed by a mixed response. It was trolled for its mega-budget of 550 crores+ but no one realised this is just a 2 minute clip from a 148 minutes movie. In this age of ‘judging’ things, people jumped to compare this with other Hollywood biggies but no one realised the film is yet to release.


People! This isn’t your usual Bollywood flick which requires some picturesque locations, a party song or an item song, a few crores of a budget and mediocre writing – this is above & beyond every of those things. 2.0 is a magnum opus on which there have been towering efforts of thousands & even without seeing it, I would say it’s already a blockbuster in my mind. Not just because it’s breaking the usual norm of Bollywood but because it’s giving us something ‘new’ and that too at a scale which no one ever has even dared to think.

I know, that contradicts my above statements and I’m also judging before the release but from whatever I’ve seen in the trailer – I’m sure we’re in for something new & crazy. Also, according to my close sources 2.0 is a massive entertainer & it’s commercial from the word go. With backing of the best VFX seen in Bollywood, it delivers a very entertaining story with crispy screenplay.

Bottomline of the article is, it’s not at all easy what Shankar, Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar have done with 2.0. So, yes, for me it’s already a blockbuster but for those who didn’t like the trailer let’s wait for the movie and decide together?




  1. Stop making false narratives. You are confusing everyone. Everyone liked the trailer. The VFX is comparable to Hollywood standards.


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