This is one ‘golmaal’ that has ended up surprising one and all. Bol Bachchan, which was supposed to be an official remake of Amol Palekar starrer Gol Maal, has turned out to be anything but the original. The unveiling of the Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan starrer has revealed that the film is miles away from the out and out comic saga that had made the original Gol Maal special.

Bol Bachchan and Gol Maal Movie Poster
Bol Bachchan and Gol Maal Movie Poster

“In the original Gol Maal action appeared only in the climax when a car chase ensued. On the other hand Bol Bachchan seems to be an action fare from start to finish”, says an observer who couldn’t help but rub his eyes in disbelief after seeing the promo.

Gol Maal was about a man (Amol Palekar) who puts on a disguise of an imaginary twin brother in order to fool Utpal Dutt. By the look of things, it is just this very pretext which has been retained with Abhishek Bachchan in a dual role while everything else in the script, screenplay and dialogues has been changed.

There are many though who feel though that director Rohit Shetty is catering to today’s audience and is giving them the kind of masala entertainment that is pretty much in vogue.

“On one hand we say that Bollywood should get more creative. On the other hand when someone does bring on changes to the original, we start questioning their action. What Rohit has done is to make his film highly commercial viable. Moreover with his brand of humour and unseen action, Bol Bachchan should only turn out to be Rohit’s third Rs. 100 crore winner in a row after Singham and Golmaal 3. Aakhir public ko yahi chahiye“, says a trade veteran.

Well, for that we will wait and watch!

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