The first thing that a person would notice in Varun Dhawan by merely looking at him is his innocence. The gen-next superstar, who has delivered 9 consecutive successful films is someone who comes across as an extremely innocent person, a quality that is adored by the families in India. To add on to the innocence, Varun Dhawan till date has not been involved in a single controversy and has been secure even in his personal life.


To add onto the non-controversial image, Varun Dhawan shares an extremely cordial bond with his family and this is another aspect that makes the actor extremely loved by the family audience. My mother and father, who is extremely choosy about the people they like in this industry while watching Varun Dhawan in a reality show recently said “He comes across as such a well-behaved guy, who doesn’t seem to have any ego or arrogance despite being so successful. He seems to be a good person.”

And then started the discussion around Varun Dhawan. My mother asked me my experience of interviewing Varun Dhawan in the past, and without any hesitation, I said that he is one of those rare actors who is not faking or acting on the reality show as even in person, he was extremely humble. I narrated them how honestly Varun answered all the questions asked in the group interview, despite a few of them being slightly in the negative zone. I remember how calmly Varun answered a senior journalist in the interview. He was asked “I don’t quite relate to the lyrics of Suno Ganpati Bappa Moriya, Pareshaan Kare Mujhe Choriya. Don’t you think the analogy should have been averted?” to which he replied “Sir, you might not have liked the song, and I understand the reason for not liking it. But this song introduces the character that I play in the film, who talks and speak in a certain way. I am sure, there will be a few takers for this song as well.”

Varun Dhawan
Varun Dhawan

After the interview, the senior journalist came to me and said, “I have interviewed 100s’ of actors in my life but have not come across someone as down to earth as Varun Dhawan. There are a lot of people who are very sweet during the release of their first film, but eventually the success goes over their head. But Varun is one of those rare people who has not changed a bit from Student of The Year till Judwaa 2, despite achieving so much of success.” Well, this speaks volumes about the kind of upbringing and the kind of person that Varun Dhawan is in real life.


I have attended several trailer launch events of Varun Dhawan films, and have always noticed that the actor tries to answer each journalist with a lot of respect, irrespective of the position and publication of the journalist. Seldom will you see Varun ridicule a person. A few complain that Varun Dhawan is extra-nice on camera to build an image, but I well, let me narrate an incident that happened right in front of my eyes.

Let me tell you, this incident happened with no camera’s around Varun Dhawan and he wasn’t even aware that a journalist’s car is right behind his. So the incident unfolds like this:

Around a year back, I was travelling back home from Juhu and was stuck in traffic near Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow. I suddenly saw two youngsters on the bike ahead asking a person in “Audi” for a selfie. The guy sitting inside the “Audi” on front seat suddenly pulled down the mirror and obliged the fans with a selfie. I was curious to know as to who is in the vehicle and took my car a little ahead to discover that it was Varun Dhawan who was in the car. Having stayed in Mumbai, I have seen a lot of stars in vehicles on the street stuck in traffic and a lot of people have asked them for a selfie/autograph. But this was the first time when I saw the star pulling down the window and obliging the fans with a picture. This is something that proves that Varun Dhawan indeed cares for his fans. All these factors contribute significantly for building the image of Varun being a PEOPLE’S STAR.

Naksh Sen, a Varun Dhawan fan from New Zealand travelled around 126 KM to watch his recently released film, October. When asked as to what makes him love Varun Dhawan so much, he said, “Being a Varun Fan, one would never feel a single dull moment. He does a various range of activities that assures his fanbase is happy. He takes times out for online interaction with his fans all around the world. Without any hesitation, supporting local businesses of his fans from wherever he goes. He is all heart.”

Maitri Gada, from Mumbai feels that Varun Dhawan is one of the sweetest person she has come across and it is his humble nature that made her his fan.

“He is the most sweetest and humble person I have ever seen in my life. He just wants to make people smile and entertain them. That’s the best quality of him. I became his fan right after watching Student of The Year,” she said.

The quotes from the fans above prove the reason of him being loved by them and merely validates the tag of being “A PEOPLE’S STAR”

Talking about the professional front, the critics initially slammed him for being a limited actor, but he proved everyone wrong with his performance in Badlapur and October. While the support of audience was always there, with these two films, he has own over everyone who doubted his capabilities. This actor has just arrived, and he is here to stay for many more years and win over the hearts of many more in India.

While Varun has delivered a lot of hit films in the last 5 years, with Sui Dhaaga, Shiddhat, Rannbhoomi and Remo D’Souza’s dance film up for release next, we are quite sure that the actor will soon deliver a blockbuster.

Here’s wishing Varun Dhawan many many happy returns of the day.




  1. We Fans from Nepal are unlucky in a sense that October was not released in Nepal. So Waiting for October to release soon.


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