Physique elite call themselves an elite group of global fitness trainers. Their 1st master trainer in India is Mannava along with his colleague Kris Gethin. While Kris Gethin takes care of the physique and fitness of Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham, Mannava is in charge of superstar Mahesh Babu.


Earlier Peak physical fitness was not essential. To take an example, Sanjeev Kumar. Now it is a must. Hence Mahesh Babu, in addition to his histrionic skills and terrific looks has a good physique as well. He is an undisputed superstar of Telugu cinema and his popularity is pan-Indian. His birthday is today.

Nandi Awards are the highest recognition in Telugu cinema and these are given by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Mahesh Babu has as many as 8 Nandi awards. Among various other awards received by this superstar are 5 Filmfare Awards and an IIFA Award as well.

Happy Birthday Mahesh Babu
Happy Birthday Mahesh Babu: The Superstar Of South & A Ruler Of Millions Of Hearts!

Son of Telugu actor Krishna and Indira, Mahesh Babu whose real name is Ghatta Maneni, had a normal childhood, away from the glamour of films. In fact, on the contrary, to ensure that in school he was not given undue importance Krishna had requested that it should not be publicised that he was an actors son. Mahesh Babu was a student gifted with memory. This helped him in his career as though he could not read Telugu, yet due to his great memory and his conversations with the Director , he not just managed, but got praise for impeccable dialogue delivery.

Called the ‘Prince of Tollywood”, Mahesh Babu made his debut as a child actor in the film Needa. He acted in several more movies too as a child actor. His breakthrough was in the 1999 blockbuster hit Raja Kumarudu opposite the bubbly Preity Zinta. This also got him the Nandi award for best male debut. Since then he has had many blockbuster successes as well.


To end this birthday tribute, a Mahesh Babu – Salman Khan connect. We all know Salman as Hindi Movie industry’s superstar along with SRK. We also know that his boost to career came with the movie Wanted. Now Wanted was the Hindi remake of the Mahesh Babu film Pokiri.

Mahesh Babu is married to Namrata Shirodkar and the couple have two children, a boy named Gautam and a girl named Sitara. Namrata was a well known actress herself and coincidentally debuted in a Salman starrer Jab Pyaar kisise Hota Hai.

The heartthrob is well know for his philanthropy. To give just one example he has adopted a village named Burripalem, in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh and launched several developmental projects worth crores under the Smart Village programme launched by the Andhra Pradesh government. Recently he made his debut in a Tamil movie named SPYder and it was a huge success. Will he be a big star in the Hindi movie industry as well ? Time will tell

Happy birthday Superstar!




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