Actor Salman Khan and his social media habits are quite vague. Thee actor tweets according to his will and this time, his tweets on the 1993 blasts accused, Yakub Memon have hit the headlines. Yakub who is on death row for the case should not be hanged is what Salman had to say.

Tiger Memon had allegedly masterminded the serial blasts along with Dawood Ibrahim, and both have been on the run since 1993. Amongst the eleven convicted in the case, Yakub Memon is the only one to be given the death sentence.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman has protested against the row and tweeted the following in favour of Yakub:


After these tweets of his went viral, several ministers have spoken against the actor including his own dad. Salim Khan later gave a statement to a popular news channel calling Salman ‘ignorant’ and that people should not take his comments seriously.

Well, looks like Salman’s tweets will now raise a new argument on him being anti-national in this twisted case.

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