Gul Panag is a delight to talk to: she’s frank, does not mince words and has no qualms admitting her failures. She’s addicted to her iPhone (she can barely keep her hands off it!) and is a hit with her Twitter followers too. Excerpts from an interview with the former beauty queen-turned-actress:

Gul Panag Turning 30 Interview

On Turning 30!!!
Turning 30!!! is unapologetically women-centric but I think the film has enough to attract men as well. It’s a story about a girl who has her life all set. She has the perfect job, man, friends: the prefect everything and suddenly her world falls apart and how she fights back. The film is Naina’s journey. It teaches you that the focus of your life is not a man. Romance is part of the film and not the film.

On Her Kisses In The Film
Before I sign a film I ask, “Kiss hai ke nahi? (Is there a kiss or not?)” (laughs) Jokes apart, I’m not uncomfortable kissing if it is necessary in the script. And Purab and I very comfortable with each other so kissing was not a problem.

On Commercial & Art Films
I do a film based on my gut feeling. It went wrong with Hello Darling but it was more because of that greed of widening my scope. As an actor, you cannot control situations and just hope that they don’t happen again. You cant walk out of a film because that’s unethical. At the same time, there’s any such thing as a commercial or art film – its just a film.

Gul’s Picks

I think Deepika Padukone is THE emerging star.
My best role was in Manorama Six Feet Under.
I would love to do a movie along the lines of Bheja Fry. Hmm…and if I think of it, I would want to do a biker film, an action role, play a cop, portray a negative character and something on the lines of Barkha Dutt.

Her Future Plans
I’m debating whether to buy a plane. I’m also looking forward to the marathon. It gives a purpose, a ramification of life in a generation. I am also trying to mount a film; an international film with a friend, Britain-based Italian origin director Ovidio Salazar, which should shape up by 2012.

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