Aaj kal ke bacche toh bus by God too much hai. Manoj Kumar jaise senior actor ki respect karna hi bhul jaate hai. Saalon se Manoj ji is asking Farah Khan and SRK that remove the offensive scene from Om Shanti Om, but woh log toh thaan ke baith gaye hai ki veterans ki baat toh bas sunni hi nahi hai.

Shah Rukh Khan And Farah Khan
Shah Rukh Khan And Farah Khan


Finally pareshan hoke, Manoj ji has withdrawn his case saying ki unki motive to file the case has failed. Unka irada tha ki both of them will be more responsible ab se, but in kids pe koi farak nahi pada! Movie everywhere release ho gayi, lekin kahin se woh scene hataya nahin. Arey bado ko offend karke koi aaj tak sukhi raha hai kya?

Anyway after years of running after them to remove that scene from the film, the old man has finally decided that Farah and Shah Rukh are such obstinate kids ki unke peeche matha pacchi karke koi fayda nahin hai. While SRK and Farah might celebrate ki haaash finally case rafa dafa hua lekin this is no way to treat an old star yaar. Bado ki respect karna sikho re baccho warna aisi success ka kya matlab!

(Disclaimer: Koimoi does not take responsibility for opinions or views expressed by Gossip Aunty. To believe her or not is absolutely your choice. This is a purely humorous piece and doesn’t intend to offend anyone’s sensibilities or tastes. It is our way of poking fun at people we love!)

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  1. without ne reason manoj kumar took it offensively ..it was all done in good humor .It seemed as if old guy was trying to take his last shot on cheap publicity.in OSO other veteran actors like dev anand etc were also made fun of..they never took the matters to the court ans manoj kumar was,is and will never be bigger than any of them.Manoj kumar lost his mind since the days of clerk babu movie(i hope none of u see tht worst movie). I think a scene from his so called classic movie purab paschim where a woman ditched by her husband is asked by her father not to slap him and forgive him as our indian values teach a woman to respect her husband like a god,even if cheats on u..is more offensive to women and to our senses as compared to tht joke in OSO. He shud also apolozise to the indian women for such a message in his movie.I m pretty sure his lawyers must have told him tht he was not going to gain ne thing and will be losing only money in fighting it in court and then only tis old retarded decided to take it bck and gave a press release tht he cud n’t teach them a lesson. didn’t he sued SRK for 100 crs? where was tis intention of teaching a moral lesson when he was suing for the money? Manoj kumar shud be thankful tht smebody remembered him ,even it was a joke but smebdy remembered him otherwise before OSO episode he was closed chapter.

    • well said suhaas,u r rite tis man did it for cheap publicity only. these days everyone wants to bring shahrukh down.I remeber tht scene from purab paschim it was really very derogatory and meaningless. u gave a right example .

    • rightly said manoj kumar’s anger was more like a personal enmity than on a moral ground. u r right abt tht scene from purab and paschim , i was shocked to see tht scene,he depicted indian women in his movies like an objects of pity and always on the feet of men..his claim abt OSO joke is nothing but his hypocrisy. Shame on u manoj kumar for not taking a harmless joke sportingly and took the matters to the court…and yes hahaaha i too remeber tht clerk babu movie if him with rekha tht was a more of a joke and offensive in his caliber as an actor.he really seems to have lost it!!!

  2. manoj kumar is sulking without ne reason …tht scene was not at all insulting…rather we all remembered manoj kumar in a good way after seeing tht scene after so many years. i was surprised when came to kno tht he took tht scene to the court …it was not a good thing on manoj kumar’s part. Srk felt sorry and took tht scene off but when it got released in japan tis yr..again he started crying like a baby and sued srk for 100 crs ..now i think he was doing all tis for money. sorry manoj ji i used to watch all ur patriotic movies but now i m not going to watch ne!! It is not tht i am a srk fan but as a movie buff i felt bad tht u took it to the court and made such a hue and cry.

  3. manoj kumar is now a kid who is crying bcoz he cud nt get toy of his desire…manoj kumar u were a veteran actor and now after tis episode u look like a disoriented and confused man…grow up man…watched ur lots of movies even in some of ur movies u have shown our culture in a wrong way…it is a trend in bollywood these days tht if ur losing battle at box office or u r losing fame …start taking pot shots at SRK…losers like manok kumar shud be sent to old age home only!!


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