Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma had a dream launch in a YRF film opposite Bollywood’s Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan. But the actress doesn’t get bogged down by a film’s star value. While talking to Koimoi at the media launch of her motion poster for the upcoming film PK, she said that though India is majorly a star driven country, if a subject is good it works.


She added, “Working with a SRK and Aamir is not my prerogative, a good script is. My motive here is to not work with actors. But I have this hunger to work, to deliver good work. “

Flowing from the same, we asked Anushka about her experience of working with the Perfectionist Aamir Khan. Often criticized by others as an overbrooding actor, Anushka was impressed with his eye for detailing. She said, “It was great working with Aamir. It was in course of the film that I realized we are closer to each other as people. We have a common perspective and outlook towards work. And that was nice to know. He is very meticulous (which I could relate to) and sincere and mostly driven towards his focus. The reason why everything about PK is kept so hush hush is because we don’t want to spoil the novelty of it for people who must judge it by their own experience when they watch it for the first time.”

And yet, the gap between her films is vast. But the gaps are for the audiences alone because Sharma has been working her a## off she adds. Sharma said, “The gaps don’t exists for actors. I have done 4 films in the last two years. I have been the busiest in the past two years.”

Earlier Bombay Velvet was supposed to release in November but was pushed due to a large part of its VFX work requiring mending. But Anushka doesn’t mind the delayed release. She clarified, “The postponement of Bombay Velvet is happening for the best. We shoot for a film then it goes into post production. The release date of a film is best left to the filmmaker alone. He knows what is the best time to release a film. It is the call of the production and I won’t like to say anything about that.”

Being the star of the year’s biggest film, the actress believes that the best thing about the film and its USP is the film’s director. She said, “For me, when I extract myself from PK and view it from an audience perspective, the most catchy thing about it is that it is a Raju Hirani film. What more could be better about the film. He is the star of this one.”

Last year’s Christmas release was Dhoom 3 which made big bucks unabashedly. Aamir was keen on retaining the date for PK too because of the better scope of footfalls during the festive season. But Anushka doesn’t like the whole ‘how many crores a film has made’ way of gauging its success. She admits, “Actors should not be bothered with numbers. Also I don’t think gauging by crores is the right yardstick of judging the success of a film. If PK gets the numbers, we will be very happy but that’s not how we are looking at the film. It’s a very special film for me, it’s a very important film for me. It’s made well. We are interested in people liking our film.”

2015 is a big year for the actress. She has her home production releasing as well as big films like Bombay Velvet and Dil Dhadakne Do to her name. But for now, only PK is governing her mind. The film’s trailer has been attached with Happy New Year which is releasing this Diwali and everyone is waiting with bated breaths for the most stupendous film of the year to end 2014 for them on a good note. Rajkumar Hirani has our faith.

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