Another year has passed by and the seventh edition of the Bigg Boss reality show is almost on its way to a closure. With a lot of masala, spicy fights, juicy controversies and some immensely cute and memorable moments, the seventh edition has been power packed with a lot of high rise and low downs. As the year comes to an end with the crowning of the new Bigg Boss winner, we present you the possibilities of the four contestants who are all geared up and are vying for the coveted trophy.

Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan on the sets of Bigg Boss 7
Gauahar Khan on the sets of Bigg Boss 7


Staying the Bigg Boss right from the very beginning and tolerating a lot of chaotic fights and commotion surrounding this damsel, Gauahar Khan has been making news right from the first week. A team player, who has given her 100 percent in every task attached with the game, Gauahar had also been the reason for a lot of disputes in the house. Dominating, brash and self-opinionated, she might have turned out a strong woman but well, her controversial links on the show is endless.

Possibilities: Among all the finalists, Gauahar definitely is the strongest contestant with a huge fan following backing her up. (Remember her Rocket Singh act or the Chhalla Walla number)? Plus, she comes out as a very strong individual who definitely has a proper identity of her own. Strength, thy name is Gauahar Khan! Plus, who knows Kushal who tried his best at making sure their love kindled, might use his dad’s special voting powers to make her lady love emerge the winner!

Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh on the sets of Bigg Boss 7
Sangram Singh on the sets of Bigg Boss 7

A professional wrestler who has made India proud at the international circuit, Sangram Singh has won more heart and soul on this show. His sweetness and innocence added to his charm as we fell in love with the genuinely soft spoken Sangram who despite speaking ill about other inmates at times, did make up for all things lost!

Possibilities: The highest chances of winning, given the show’s track record. Be it Rahul Roy, Ashutosh, Juhi, or Vindu, most Bigg Boss winners have been the shy, docile ones who have hardly had any major fuming disputes on the show. I won’t be surprised if Sangram wins the title because he deserves it totally! But that would make it too predictable, which is why it is doubtful!

Tanisha Mukherjee

Tanishaa Mukherjee on the sets of Bigg Boss 7
Tanisha Mukherjee on the sets of Bigg Boss 7

Popularly famous as the bold heroine from Neal-n-Nikki or Kajol’s sister or maybe Uday Chopra’s former flame, Tanisha decided to embark on a project to create an identity of her own. While the initial few weeks saw the Angel in Tanisha, as time went by the devil in her reigned supreme as he had verbal fights with mostly every contestant. But she did find some solace in probable beau Armaan Kohli, who she definitely feel for on the show. Love went brimming and Colors raked in all the moolah.

Possibilities: Talk about deserving, she is definitely deserving but going by practicality, she has very little chances of emerging victorious on the big day. Plus the several controversies about her family being against her decision to enter the show, had also brought in Salman’s name. So her winning the show will definitely put a question mark on Salman and his loyalties. And with the number of controversies emerging this season, Colors won’t take that risk. Therefore her victory seems totally bleak!

Ajaz Khan

Ajaz Khan on the sets of Bigg Boss 7
Ajaz Khan on the sets of Bigg Boss 7

Another villain on the show, not literally, but in a good manner, Ajaz Khan is the wild card entry on the show. He is the typical Chichpokli ka tapori but has wowed all of us with his comic maneuvers and trademark antics. Flirting, teasing and entertaining, Ajaz Khan did manage to keep the TRPs rising!

Possibilities: Huge chance because I feel just like Season 6 was kind of a Alag Chhe with one of the most vocal and straight forward contestants, Urvashi winning the show, Season 7 might just have a wild card entrant as its winner. A stark change from what had happened anytime earlier, this might just be a welcome change. Ajaz’s entertaining and free speaking nature, might just get him the crown. A true story of the underdog triumphing can just become reality.

While we put our bets strikingly on Ajaz, Sangram, Gauhar and Tanisha in respective order, who do you think will win the show?





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