We have various kind of superstars in the industry with each of one them having their very unique style and it’s exactly what their fans love them for. From Aamir Khan who releases a blockbuster once in a year or two to our very own Dabbang Salman Khan & Deepika Padukone, which Diwali crackles do you think our prominent celebrities resemble with?


Let’s check out!

1. Salman Khan – Rocket

You know when it’s Sallu bhai, what’s done is done and there’s no coming back from it. And when it’s his movie, it ain’t settling anywhere less than a hit. Just like a rocket which keeps rising high in the sky, same is the situation with Salman Khan. We hope it stays the same forever!

2. Aamir Khan – Sutli Bomb / Aloo Bomb

You don’t need too much of it, but our Mr. Perfectionist is just like an aloo/sutli bomb that would blast once and leave us numb. With him amazing performances and movies that may come once in one or may be two year, you can’t help but always have him in your mind when you talk about blockbusters!

3. Akshay Kumar – Ladi / Garland


Ladi is a mandate when we’re talking about crackers in Diwali and so is our Khiladi Kumar when we’re talking about Bollywood. He may be coming on the screens time and again, but whenever he does, it’s a pleasure to watch him doing a commendable job in each and every movie.

4. Deepika Padukone – Anaar / Flower Pot

Like a flowerpot which when put on fire, spreads light, happiness and joy in the surroundings, we think Deepika’s smile itself does it all at the first go. Furthermore, her acting, dancing & modelling skills make her a bliss!

5. Katrina Kaif – Phuljadi / Pencil Cracker

When we think of the slang phuljadi (refers to hotness), there’s one woman from the industry always popping in our head – Katrina Kaif. Like different colours in a phuljadi, watch her in Thugs of Hindostan as Suraiyya or as the boss lady in Zero, she’s the soaring heat you cannot miss out on!

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