Ranveer Singh seemed to be very diplomatic while talking about Deepika Padukone at a recent media meet. He routed the question on his rapport with the actress towards how he admires her as a colleague. The actor went on to say, “She has evolved vastly. After Finding Fanny I realized what level her caliber has matured to. It operates in another zone. People can’t see the seams in her performance anymore. A lot of people have started noticing that her performances had gone to another level since Cocktail. I have worked with her over a year, I admire her as a performer. For almost 2 years, she would do double shifts. I have such regard for her hard work. I struggle to do as much as she manages to accomplish. She sets a good example for her peers.”

Ranveer Singh in a still from movie 'Kill Dil'
Ranveer Singh in a still from movie ‘Kill Dil’

But somehow the buzz about their relationship also suggests that Singh has been intimidated by his rumored lady love’s new found success. Singh’s demeanor suggested quite the contrary. He explained, “I don’t feel intimidated by anyone. I have such faith in my ability. My co-actors like Anushka or Shefali are so incredible that in the middle of a scene, I see them syncing so well into their characters. Everyone is doing their best and people are so good that one should have faith on their own abilities and appreciate good work.”

Ranveer clearly denied about his relationship with Deepika. He stated he is Single and when asked if it’s only till marriage is on the cards, he said he can be in a relationship when the time comes but is currently single!

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