Akshay Kumar might be making a reputation as the Tees Maar Khan these days, but the daredevil actor has no qualms accepting his past. “I’ve done eight to nine Khiladi films and I’ll always be known as the ‘Khiladi’.  Tees Maar Khan is called so because he works by his brains. He’s not an action star,” says Akshay.

His habit of waking up early everyday seems to have got him the title role in Tees Maar Khan. “I got a call at 6.30 am from Farah. When I heard the story I liked it and I agreed to it immediately.” When told that he was the first person Farah called, he grins, “Maybe I was the only one who picked up the phone that early. But there’s a downside to it too. If they call late, I’ll be in trouble.”

Meanwhile director-producer Farah Khan defends her decision, “I’ve known Akshay when I used to teach dance and he used to come to me to learn dance. I’ve known him since my jawani!” So there’s no question of her dropping Akshay from Joker then?

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