Star Kids often face the brunt of heavy expectations. And coming from a Karan Johar launch pad, Alia Bhatt hasn’t had a hunky dory career so far. In an interview to Koimoi, she talks about her journey, “If people thought projects fell into my lap after Student Of The Year, then that did not happen. I got Highway, I did it. I got 2 States, I did it.”


The actress whose spunk wowed a filmmaker like Imtiaz Ali enough to sign her as a leading lady in his film, we asked her how important is box office collections for her. She answered, “Films now are all about how much money a film is making. Even with Highway, many people told me your film was very loved but it did not make as much money. For me earlier that pressure was never there. None of the producers went into a loss with Highway. They managed to recover their money because the movie was such. There is an idea that if a film is not making 100 crores, it is not a good film. There is this perception that a film has to make a certain amount of money at the box office which I agree with. Now when the stakes are high and for people to put a certain amount of money on you, they should get an equivalent value receive back in terms of the audience.”

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

The actress continued, “But the more and more people warm up to us that will change. Now the public is coming to see a film called 2 States not because me and Arjun are in it, but because of the film and not because of the stars in it. It is the content that pulls in crowds! But in case of a Shah Rukh Khar starrer or a Salman Khan starrer, even if it is a bad film it will still make 150 crores. That is what their star power is. In my case, it is my third film but the more and more I prove, the bigger and better films I will get. It is the testing run for us now.”

Alia’s next film 2 States is with Arjun Kapoor . It is directed by Abhishek Verman and is all set to release on 18th April.

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