English Vinglish Readers/Users Review (English Vinglish Movie Poster)
English Vinglish Readers/Users Review (English Vinglish Movie Poster)

“You would want to catch  Sridevi, who is present in almost every frame here, even a 15 years sabbatical and yet no hint of rust whatsoever, is commanding and totally in the role of Shashi Godbole” feels Apurv Bhatia, a Koimoi.com Reader


Star Cast: Sridevi, Adil Hussain, Mehdi Nebbou, Amitabh Bachchan (cameo)

What’s Good: Original Queen of cinema is back, Gauri Shinde’s spectacular debut as a director, spectacular performances all around

What’s Bad: Not much, a bit slow maybe at times

Loo Breaks: None.

Watch or Not: Comeback of the year > You would want to catch  Sridevi, who is present in almost every frame here, even a 15 years sabbatical and yet no hint of rust whatsoever, is commanding and totally in the role of Shashi Godbole. A light hearted ,feel good movie made with a big heart and so near to the real world we live in, music and cinematography add to the cinematic brilliance.

English Vinglish is a smart, crisp tale of an average Indian housewife (yes, she’s a good cook, a caring lady) who tries and breaks the shackles and tell the world there’s high time they better take notice and respect her for what she is and not just crap her down with her insensitiveness, ‘Main kya kachre ka dabba hoon , koi kuch bhi aaake fenk de’, she is devastated at times as her teenage daughter torture her for not knowing the language. It’s a feel good, inspiring story, a tear jerker at times and even delight you with all its charm at others. Given a chance the pretty housewife here, Shashi Godbole (Sri –charming as ever) joins an English coaching class, destined to learn it within 4 weeks. But will she be able to adjust to the hustles and bustles of the family life with it? Will she get back her respect? And will she succeed in her endeavours is the big question.

English Vinglish Review – Reader’s View: Script Analysis

Writer – Director Gauri Shinde is totally into her own here. It could have been another Zabaan Sambhaal Ke if gone wrong, but her narrative and portrayal has paid off. The Dialogues are quite realistic and there are times when you would find that Shashi is shown very helpless, especially in the first half, adds on to the vulnerability and the likeability factor even though you hate her daughter who hates her for not knowing the language.

English Vinglish Review – Reader’s View: Star Performances

Sridevi as Shashi Godbole shines out, she connects with the masses and one cant help but feel that the 49 year old actor’s 15 year vanvaas was a tad too long. She’s worked with a female director for the first time and its paid off. Adil Hussain as Shashi’s husband is decent at times but a bit harsh when dealing with her. He feels she’s just good enough to make ladoos .  Its sad that an actor of his repute hasn’t had much to offer in Bollywood, his last outing we remember ,a certain Jasoos Vijay on Doordarshan, 10 years ago !

Shivansh Kotia as the little kid is quite impressive, adds to the charm,would want to see more from him. French actor Mehdi Nebbou is well cast and his eyes speak a lot as he tries his best to bring back love in Shashi’s life.

The characters in Shashi’s English class are well cast and there’s a South Indian, a Chinese, A Spanish , gay teacher and an African who bring the cheer here, a certain taxi driver Salman Khan too from Pakistan, whom you just don’t wanna miss. Big B in a cameo, could we as for more.

English Vinglish Readers/Users Review (English Vinglish Movie Stills)
Sridevi (English Vinglish Movie Stills)

English Vinglish Review – Reader’s View: Direction, Music and technicalities

Gauri Shinde’s debut is full of colors so bright and a promise so tender, with such an outing the industry would expect a lot from her in times to come. Amit Trivedi’s music bring the needed kick to the film at times , perhaps was the best man for the soundtrack. Add Resul Pookutty and Swanand Kirkire on the Lyrics and you get just what the doc ordered .

Nice and crisp with a running time of 140 minutes, the Editing is to the point .

English Vinglish Review – Reader’s View: The Last Word

Go for it ! When you count the best movies of the year , English Vinglish would be right up there in the Top 5, would have gone with a 3.5*, but Big B’s cameo and Gauri Shinde’s 1st outing deserves a 4* from my desk .

It’s a movie made with a big heart, a great comeback , an emotional feel-good tale you don’t wanna miss.

Take some lessons from Devi and pay her your obeisance  , you will surely be rewarded so much on the EQ front. Do take the morals as you walk out of the theater, love thy mother, she’s special ,in every sense of the word.

Apurv Bhatia, is a film enthusiast and blogs at Bollygupshup. You can check Koimoi.com’s review here – English Vinglish Review.




  1. She is back…yes SRI is back!! That too with a bang on performance, muttering certain English-Vinglish!! Moreover, as the film progresses, you stop searching for the Sri Hawa Hawai Devi in the Shashi Godbole she plays so naturally!! So remarkably she portrays and lives the vulnerability of a woman, that you are compelled to see beyond the star she has been.
    Again not delving too much into each and every detail of the movie I will share my picks:
    1. Barring the strange plastic nose, even today, Sri can give many contemporary actresses run for their money. It was the role which demanded her to be draped in the 9 mtr cloth throughout, otherwise the figure she maintains can still create enough oomph!! Those big oceanic eyes can still drown many!
    2. Most importantly, as against the title, the movie is not about learning a certain firangi language. Rather, it is about the journey of a woman from a dark gloomy world of low self-esteem to a confident and self-loving persona. Practically speaking, it is not a story of only some fictional Shashi, but of many Indian housewives who encounter googlies of Anglicised world around them daily. Shashi can definitely inspire some of them to break their mental shackles and discover the woman inside them who is comfortable being herself and who has the ability to walk with the world herself.
    3. Yes, many characters esp. in her English class seem too type-casted and borrowed from comedies like ‘Zabaan sambhaal ke’ (based on ‘Mind your Language’). They are still able to tickle your funny bone.
    4. The director has also handled the French love angle quite sensitively. Sri makes it very clear why she is not reciprocating; respect is what she wants, not love. Best part is, there is no unnecessary melodrama on this topic.
    5. Cinematography is more about skyscrapers of Manhattan with a full song dedicated to the US city. Music is peppy, not catchy though.
    6. Rest of the characters are good in their own places. Sujata Kumar with her endearing smile mesmerizes. Nice to see veteran Sulabha Deshpande after long. However, there could have been some more Marathi actors to give more desi and authentic flavour to the Marathi family flick. Not to forget Big B in a small cameo. He definitely adds some more cheer to the scenes

    In all, EV is as sweet as Shashi’s ladoos (yummy they look on screen!!), as suave as Shashi’s looks and as focussed as Shashi’s will power. Those looking for G (glamour) quotient should give it a miss. Recommended for rest. Another addition to the league of nice small budget movies we are getting this year! :)


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