Emraan Hashmi (Raaz 3 Movie Stills)
Emraan Hashmi (Raaz 3 Movie Stills)

Raaz 3‘ has turned out to be huge. In fact much huger than what even the makers must have expected. With fantabulous collections over the weekend and very good numbers during the weekdays as well, this Vikram Bhatt directed movie is en route to be a superhit.


Even as the congratulatory messages are continuing to our in, what with the film topping ‘Jannat 2‘ and all set to cross the collections of his biggest solo release till date, ‘Murder 2‘, today itself, Emraan is happy to share ‘raaz‘ behind the film’s super success.

“Vikram pretty much upped the scare and spook quotient with the movie and made it like a never experiences before affair. What worked most was that none turned out to be gimmicky. Aisa kahin nahi tha ki bas idhar udhar se laash gir rahi hai aur bina wajah daraane ki koshish kar rahe hain”, laughs Emraan.

The movie has been noticed for its 3D as well, hence turning out to be only Hindi film with such technology (after Vikram’s own ‘Haunted’) in the recent times to have found such good audience for itself.

“Yes there are effects but in the right doses, something that you aspire as an audience. Of course when you make a 3D horror thriller, the endeavour is to scare the audience and bring on some chills. However you can’t overkill the whole thing. This is what we all were conscious of due to which everything was quite balanced.”

He goes on to add that what further worked in the film’s favour was to stay away from presenting it as a mere horror affair but also project a definite dramatic tale in the offering, courtesy the three principal characters played by him, Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta.

“At the end of it all ‘Raaz 3‘ is a human story with emotions stemming from desire that you can relate to. It is about protagonists looking at certain permanence in relationships and careers while carrying quest for being successful. These are some of the inherent ingredients in the storyline of ‘Raaz 3‘. Of course it is all layered on an entertaining note and that’s the way we have pitched the film as well. The inherent drama and love story element in the film is something that you take away once the end credits start rolling. This is what audience has liked”, reasons Emraan.




  1. raaz 3 is superb ek tha tiger is faltu compared to raaz 3 imraan is indegenious&bipasha,the sexy anjalicharacter the 3 character superb acting anjali the good bipasha the better imraan the best superb storyline paisa wasul hit man hit

  2. Emran Hashmi is great actor.Raaz 3 is great and excellent movie in the whole year 2012.I think all KHAN’s are Flopped.AAj Ka DOR Emran Hashmi ka Dor hai.I personally like Emran Hashmi’s Film Jawani Diwani of 2006.Emran Hashmi is Superb in all


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