After the Khans, Kumar and Devgan the Box Office meter shows that the next league of Superstars are clearly Ranbir Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi. Others like Shahid Kapoor, Imran Khan, Ranveer Singh are still far from this league.


Talking of Ranbir Kapoor we have discussed earlier about his Box office journey on koimoi. It has not been a blockbuster or Superhit journey but has been a performance oriented graph.

Emraan Hashmi In Raaz 3 Movie Stills and Ranbir Kapoor In Barfi! Movie Stills
Emraan Hashmi In Raaz 3 Movie Stills and Ranbir Kapoor In Barfi! Movie Stills

In case of Emraan Hashmi, he may have churned more hits than Ranbir Kapoor in his bollywood career. He has created his fan following and also entered the hearts of Multiplex from being a only Single Screen hero. He also has 3 hits out of his last releases in Raaz 3, Jannat 2 and Murder 2. Not to mention, Shanghai was also an average fare.

Ranbir Kapoor on the other hand is currently a mutilplex hero as seen from his last 2 releases Rockstar and Barfi!Rockstar also had a good start but couldn’t earn a commercial success tag.

The star power is also proven by the strength of the star to command an initial for his movie. Though the likes of Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan are a phenomenon these 2 have also done well in their league. Talking about the two stars let’s compare the opening weekend of their recently released movies Raaz 3 and Barfi!.

Amount In Crores Raaz 3 (Emraan Hashmi) Barfi! (Ranbir Kappor)
Opening Day 10.50 9.20
Day 2 11.00 11.50
Day 3 13.50 13.90
Opening Weekend Total 35.00 34.60

The above figures say both Ranbir and Emraan are at par in the opening weekend of their last outing. Barfi! has more Multiplex support and Raaz 3 did well of initial multiplex and later single screen support.

Raaz 3 has already achieved 64 crores in India box office and may end at 70 crore lifetime collection. The coming week will tell about Barfi’s stand at the box office.

Emraan made his debut in 2003 with Foothpath and Ranbir debuted in 2007 with Saawaryia. There is no doubt that Emraan and Ranbir are here to stay for a long run coming years. Who do you think is the “Lambi Race Ka Godha”?




  1. koimoi ur answer lies in ur article. u have compared the collections which are almost similar but also mentioned currently ranbir is more for the multiplex audience. So doesnt it prove Ranbir is the bigger bet. Despite being a mutltiplex movies only hero he is able to draw similar crowds. Imagine what will happen the day he does a mass movie.

    • what happen if emraan gets critics supports and big actress . u see ranbir wake up and rocket singh what happen bombed at boxoffice

    • Single screens didnt want to show Barfi cuz they knew nobody will come to watch it ! Raaz3 is still running in its 2nd wk at all Single screens ! And it is still doing well for ur info ! Emraan has never done a big banner movie nor a movie with big actresses. His movies run on his name ! Brand Emraan !

      • Dude just one basic correction in your comment which the whole world knows… his movies dont run on his name, his movies run because of sex scenes, kisses, smooches. Your comment contradicts what you want to say.. Single screens didnt want to run cos they thought barfi is not a commercial movie and it wont run.. Exactly, Barfi is not a single screen mass appealing movie despite which it has run.. why??? Just purely because of Ranbir kapoors acting… If Emraan was as big a crowd puller, his last non commercial movie Shanghai would have made big money.. Just compare shanghais weekend to barfis you will know who is a bigger crowd puller. Emraan became famous only because of his kissing scenes thats it

        • abbe lallu i hope u aint indian bro nd if u r shame on u man for thinking ur people are sooo horny and desperate dat dey pay 300-400 rupees to go to cinema to watch a 30 second smooch.. r u stupid or just born retarded to be thinkin dat a movie goes on to have one of the biggest opening of the year just based on smooches
          oh and another thing emmys A certified movie had a bigger opening dan ranbir’s U certified movie which goes on to show how popular emmy is. and this year both of emmys movie are in the top 10 biggest oppening of the year list.
          And dont forget half da audience for Barfi are priyanka fans nd less dan a quarter fan for Raaz 3 are bipasha fan… thanks to emraan bipasha got a taste of success after a string of flop after race

          • sahi bole bhai jab mein second weekend gaya toh hall wale mujhe rok rahe the bol rahe the ki tum apna age proof dikhao mera samne mere samne kam se kam 100 logo ko wapas bhej diya yeh pura utv aur multiplex walo ki bhagat hai

        • For ur information. Emraan sirf movies mein wesa hai but ranbir to real mein bhi jis actress k sath movie karta hai ussi k saat ussa ka affair chalta hai. have u ever heard emraan affiars.

        • Peole like u can only think that way . Kiss hi dekhna hai to youtube pe bhi log dekh sakte hai . 1 minute ke smooch ke liye koi 200 rs nahi deta !

  2. AnY DaY RANBIR..Emraan ain’t worth comparison wid ranbir coz raaz3 was a bigger release and had d sex content whereas barfi workd just bcoz of d person’s hats off RANBIR

  3. emraan hashmi bahut acha actor hai
    and emraan ke pass ek + point h
    guys uski movie islie bhi dekhte hai kyun ki uski movie ka song awsm hota h
    and dailok bhi hota h

    i like emraan


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