While there are countless speculations being made by the media on the mystery behind rap sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh’s public presence for a long time, here’s a write up by one of his fans – Anupam Singh, who thinks that one should not believe all these rumours and only wait for Honey Singh’s Official press statement. Read on: 

Yo Yo Honey Singh has been missing from the music scene for quite some time now. The rapper created a sensation in the music industry with hit tracks such as ‘Lungi Dance‘, ‘Angrezi Beat‘ and many more. I have been a fan of Honey Singh right from start; even before his entry into the Bollywood music industry. I personally feel that there is no other musician who can blend rap and other forms of music together like he does. A lot is being talked about Yo Yo’s sudden disappearance and while media is abuzz with several controversial stories about him, it is shocking that the star has not released any official statement. I am his huge fan and would certainly not trust any of the stories that have been floating around.

Honey Singh
Honey Singh

Here are some of the rumors that media has created for the rapper going AWOL:

1. Rehab Calling!
According to the reports presented by Mumbai’s tabloid Mumbai Mirror, the singer has checked into a rehab in Chandigarh. The news circulated claims that Honey Singh informed his team that he is leaving for home but is actually residing in a rehab. Looks like they took his songs too seriously because he may sing about alcohol and dope but I am sure the star is himself not involved in anything like that!

2. Emotional Breakdown
With the story of his entering a rehab doing the rounds, Bollywood Life reported another version alleging that the singer is currently emotionally weak due to drug abuse and is thus staying away from the limelight. This disapperance is due to his breakdown. Really?

3. Shah Rukh Khan – YO YO Slapgate
The international SLAM tour which was held in USA featured the entire team of Happy New Year including Shah Rukh Khan and even Honey Singh was supposed to be a part of it. Although his sudden back-out form the tour raised many eyebrows and so sparked off rumors about his and SRK’s relations going sour. Some media reports claim that Shah Rukh slapped Honey Singh and since then the actor has been AWOL not only from the tour but also from the industry.

4. Raw Star Tantrums
Honey Singh was hosting the show India’s Raw Star but his exit citing reasons of injury too came under media scrutiny. The rapper was alleged to have thrown some unreasonable tantrums and thus was kicked off from the show.

Well, there seems no head no tail to these stories since all seem to be fabricated versions which have absolutely no proof. The media seems to be speculating too much and adding fuel to fire in making up stories about his disappearance, I am a true fan of Honey Singh and will stand by whatever version he admits to. I would like to request the singer to release an official statement and put rest to all these media generated rumors harming his reputation.

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