He is the director with maximum number of hits to his credit on this side of the millennium. He is also the one to have the hugest Bollywood franchise (Golmaal) to his name. To top it all, he is someone who could well have chosen to hog the limelight but has instead taken a conscious call to stay away from it. Still, Rohit Shetty, whose films have collectively accumulated around 500 crores in the decade gone by, gets hit upon by detractors who choose to ignore his massive success rate and instead accuse of him making films that are ‘safe’ and ‘way too commercial’.

Obviously, he is in a mood to react, now that ‘Bol Bachchan‘ is up for release.

Rohit Shetty
Rohit Shetty

“Just because technology has become handy and everyone has become a critic on social networking and micro-blogging sites, some people think that they can write about anything and anyone at any given point in time and go scot-free. But really, who cares? Who are these people who are talking? Do they know anything about cinema? Do they have any idea about technique before commenting on a director”, Rohit says in a soft, yet overtly stern tone.

He has valid reasons to dismiss those who seem to be quite high on world cinema and believe that films like ‘Singham‘ and ‘Golmaal 3‘ are resulting in Bollywood getting regressive. This, when both films have crossed 100 crores each at the box office inside 12 months flat.

“Are these the only people who have been exposed to world cinema? Do they think those who are making successful ‘masala’ films haven’t seen such films? Really, since you have asked, I am talking about it. Otherwise such talks don’t really make a difference to me. If I start bothering about such talks, it would unnecessarily put pressure on the back of my mind. I don’t want any of that. I would rather make a film and deliver.”

We too hope audience appreciates what you deliver on 6th July once ‘Bol Bachchan‘ hits the screens all over.

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  1. It is very easy to watch a movie in a theatre and write about it.I feel that critics opinions hardly matters in case of big films as majority films in the 100 crore club are panned by them.The three biggest blockbusters in the history of bollywood i.e. Sholay, Muqaddar ka sikandar and Hum aapke hain koun were written off by critics.Some critic gives a particular movie 4 stars while other gives it 1 star.A flop film may be a good film but a hit film cannot be a bad film.I fully endorse Shetty’s views and hope Bol Bachchan strikes big at the box office.

  2. Bol Bachchan,Super,Dupperhit will easly cross 100,cr for the first 5 days and sure be the bigest hit of the 2012, followed by Son of sadar,king of action Sir Devgn is back good lucky,

  3. Critics r fools who have never do a film or never related to a film.without doing that how they critisize someone

  4. We audience are also critics in a way. We don’t know anything about movies so does that mean we should watch any crap you make. We pay from our pockets to watch your movie and sell us something like this. If you are exposed to world cinema too then why do you make such slapstick comedies. Critics just represent some people who expect something good and new. If you are saying anything bad about them you are saying bad about many of your audience indirectly.

  5. Bo bachchan ye meri last story bata raha hu rohit shettyji kuch rules hai 100cr. Ke liye 1st- 2 gano ko good music dena e.g. Huney sing or sukvinder sing ke vice (sound )me ya dono ko mix kar ke ak line bata raha hu apki language me rap kha ja ta hai to lo – mixture me mix kara du tenu yo yo huney sing …………ya dono ki vice me – rap huney sing- ajay tri gun me hai power jase desi daru me milata hai fever yo yo huney sing skvinder sing and amitab bachchanji -bol bol bol bol bol bol bachchan ……. Me train me hu train me se write kar raha hu english language me right kara lena ………..ajay devgun polition in rankpur sayaji sinde opsitive party leader and election for rankpur and election collecotr comedy to fir me hai jo tapad kata hai aur kapil shrma ke sat guthi ke sat karte hai wo election collector and dono uollu or bevakufa banate hai .ajay ko election colletor ko patane ke liye abishak bachchan ideas dete hai ak dusare ko tikit milane nahi dene ke liye dono hi kabhi kichad me girate hai to kabhi kuve me girate hai aur election collector dono ko tikit de dete hai ………INTERVAL………….’ AB AGE…..ab ranakpur me lambe lambe bashan gav me nahi rashan ab aap socho action aur do muse iesaka rection .,….


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