Dhaval Gada
Dhaval Gada

Dhaval Gada, son of one of the top business minds in films and television industry, Jayantilal Gada takes forward the legacy after being announced as the successor to Pen India Ltd. The company which is been active in the industry for about 27 years now has a new captain to lead. In a brief chat with Koimoi, Dhaval who says about himself as being an adventurous person talks about his plans of taking the company to newer heights, his production strategies and the company’s film slate for the year 2015.

Now that you are taking forward the brand name ‘Pen’ which your father has nurtured over the years with his business excellence and experience; are you open to taking up risks with new talents, scripts, new pattern of working and at the same time keeping intact the stature your father has set over the years?
Pen is been active in the industry for over 27 years now; it’s a great firm which my father started and nurtured. We have always been open to new talents, different types of content and taking the risks. I would continue doing the same and would keep my father’s head held high with pride, success and glory.

What would be your business strategy like in the productions?
Currently we have three to four films for production out of which two are pending for release, and we are also producing two television shows (daily soap). So our business strategy is to maintain this at all times along with creating the in-house talent bank.

Are you open to taking “not so commercial” films? As ‘Lakshmi’ being critically acclaimed, did not have numbers at Box Office…
Yes which is the reason we were a part of the film. We also did Kahaani which was again non-commercial but achieved a lot of commercial success. Our basic mantra is having great content and do our best; rest audience will decide.

Will you limit to releasing particular number of films a year?
Yes, will limit to maximum 3 films a year; honestly this is quite a decent number for a year.

What is the film slate for 2015?
We have a film with Kundan Shah called P Se PM Tak, Singh is Bling starring Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and is directed by Prabhu Dheva. Also two to three other films are in the pipeline.

Singh Is Bling is the biggest film coming from your company, what budget is allocated to the film and how are you planning on marketing and promotional front?
Marketing and promotions we are still in ideation and planning level, numbers would be difficult to disclose at this stage.

What have you envisioned for ‘Pen India Ltd’ few years down the line?
For Pen my dreams are quite high, just to put it briefly any and all aspects of the creative and production. Like recently we have started a new division in television, so basically looking at new avenues and aspects of creativity and production.

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