Deepika Padukone Is The 'D' In Chats Surfaced By Jaya Saha, NCB To Summon The Actress?
Deepika Padukone Is The ‘D’ In Chats Surfaced By Jaya Saha, NCB To Summon The Actress?(Pic credit – Deepika Padukone/ Instagram )

NCB has been actively investigating Sushant Singh Rajput’s drug case and is literally not leaving any stones unturned. From arresting Rhea Chakraborty to summoning Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor, they aren’t sparing any big names. The latest addition to the same is Deepika Padukone.

Earlier today a screenshot of the chat was doing the rounds on social media with the initials of D & K.



Now, in a report by Republic TV, it has been revealed that D stands for Deepika Padukone. Jaya Saha who happens to be Rhea Chakraborty’s talent manager was summoned by NCB for interrogation and revealed her WhatsApp chats with Bollywood celebrities which were about drugs or other banned substances.

The NCB was reportedly looking into Jaya’s WhatsApp chats and looking to summon people in the drug connection.

Republic accessed the chat between D & K:

“At 10:03 AM, (+91-992——-) ‘D’ writes: K…Maal you have?

At 10:05 AM, (+91-961——-) ‘K’ writes: I have but at home. I am at Bandra…

At 10:05, K writes: I can ask Amit if you want

At 10:07, Deepika writes: Yes!! Pllleeeeasssee

At 10:08, K writes: Amit has. He’s carrying it

At 10:12, Deepika writes: Hash na?

At 10:12, Deepika writes: Not weed

At 10:14, K writes: What time are you coming to Koko

At 10:15: Deepika writes: 1130/12ish

At 10:15: Deepika writes: Till what time is Shal there?

K writes: I think she said 11:30 because she needs to at the other place at 12”

Now if you’re wondering what K stands for, it’s K stands for Karishma Prakash who happens to be Deepika Padukone’s manager and was summoned by NCB for questioning recently.

The chat accessed is from 2017 where reportedly the Tamasha actress is asking for ‘Maal’ and specified that she’s looking for ‘Hash’ and not ‘Weed’. For the unversed, all these are banned drugs by the Indian government.

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