Leading the power packed plethora of superstars today in the industry is this one man who with his magic Midas touch has reined above all his contemporaries both on the silver screen and the small screen, courtesy his alleged MASS appeal.

Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi
Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi


Angry young man revamped, Salman Khan is bad mouthed and ratted in the industry more for his terrible mood swings and foul temper. While everyone’s busy calculating the rise and rise of the glorious Salman Khan, we capture the numerous fiddles and wrong doings that this Sher Khan has been a part of, his entire life.

Lets throw some light on Salman’s top 10 controversies.

The Salman-Subhash Ghai spat

A lanky hero then, Salman entered Bollywood through a brief and a low on impact Biwi Ho Toh Aisi, but it was Maine Pyaar Kiya that catapulted this young hero to super stardom. But it was then famous and in control Subhash Ghai who passed a snide remark at Salman that lead to all the furor. Salman reportedly gate crashed in to Ghai’s party and subsequently got into a fist fight with the veteran film maker then. But with Salman’s father Salim Khan’s intervention, things have bettered off now.

The ugly Salman-Saroj Khan feud

One feud that never got solved till date is this one. Salman, the superstar today had reprimanded dancing queen Saroj Khan for putting in added importance to Aamir Khan’s steps, giving him a better audience appeal while he was left with some nonsensical maneuvers, especially in the ‘Yeh Raat Aur Yeh Doori’ number from Andaz Apna Apna. Now that the talks of the sequel to this buddy romcom are rife, one wonders if Salman would ever let Sarojji make him move and dance to her beats.

The Somy Ali mishap

Salman had always been a loverboy since he was in his teens. Crushes, infatuations and girlfriends galore, this handsome pathan was always in news for his alleged linkups. While he broke Sangeeta Bijlani’s heart to move over to Somy Ali, it was Fate that caused them to drift apart yet again. But one can never forget the entire rumour-being-blown-out-of-proportion of Salman emptying a Cola bottle on Somy’s head.

The love-gone-wrong saga of Salman-Aishwarya

They met and they sang, Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam to each other instantly but they were unaware of the series of happenings that were about to unfold. Aishwarya Rai’s attitude and self esteem and Salman’s foul wrath cut short of their longevity to be together. While Salman’s love turned towards obsession, with threatening calls, door bamming and severe psychological mood shifts, Aishwarys issued a press statement stating that their relationship was more than over and was the cause of Salman’s defamation. Reports of harassment and repeated hounding also followed!

The Vivek Oberoi-Salman Khan public brawl

Madly in love duo Vivek Oberoi and Aishwarya were going strong together until the Salman tornado hit their love affair to cause ransack. Vivek immediately called a prèss conference making it a point to delve into each detail of his conversation and rift with Salman Khan. From a murder threatening to the alleged 41 calls, Vivek laid it all in public and Salman has maintained distance from the Company starlet since. While Salman’s career took over to a mammoth magnitude, Vivek, who had enormous potential, sank without a trace.

The 2002 Hit and Run Case

A heavy alcoholic Salman drove his car past into a bakery, taking the life of a pavement dweller and injuring three others. A strong case of culpable homicide and illicit driving was issued against him but was later removed. Even till date he faces the angst of the case and is yet to be exonerated from the same.

The Chinkara Poaching Case

The blackbuck shadow that gnaws him till date has been one of the major lows in Salman’s prolific career. Under a fit of merry making, Salman Khan shot a Chinkara, one of the most endangered species while shooting for Hum Saath Saath Hai in Rajasthan. The hunting expedition led to several criminal cases being lodged against the mega star and he is still busy taking rounds of court proceedings even ten years after the case was filed. He was also convicted to the Jodhpur jail under a two year sentence but was granted bail later.

The Shah Rukh- Salman altercation

Five years back, it was Katrina Kaif’s birthday that stormed the media nationwide with a wide eyed coverage of two totally drunk celebrities who let it all out at the party. Boasting of two big names, two idlosed public figures, things could never be the same between the once-upon-a-time friends Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. Though both stars have been tight lipped regarding the cause of the fight, it was reported that a snorting remark on Aish by SRK fueled up the entire scenario, with Salman and Shah Rukh being at loggerheads ever since.

The boisterous comments against Hrithik-Aishwarya’s ‘Guzaarish’

The harshness against Aishwarya was always palpable as Salman avoided even a chance encounter with the lady. While blatantly refusing the Guzaarish team the permission of promoting their film on the Bigg Boss stage was pre-ponderous, Salman passed some really disrespectful comments about the film, after its release. The disparaging remark not only soured his relationships with his favourite Sanjay Leela Bhansali but also hurt the sentiments of the otherwise silent Hrithik Roshan who took off to Twitter to voice his opinions.

Salman’s public comments to Pakistani channel

After the much talked about and hyped 26/11 attacks, unabashedly mufat Salman while giving an interview to a Pakistani channel had made some nasty statements questioning the national authorities on the footage and importance given to the elite affected during the mishap at the Taj, Mumbai while the attacks in the buses and trains were neglected. Salman also went on to advocate that Pakistan was not to be blamed for the entire happening which drew a lot of criticism and condemnation from our national leading groups, hurting religious sentiments at large. Later Salman quickly retorted with an apology.

While Salman’s life continues to be enmeshed with controversies, it is a known fact that his stardom has reached to the pinnacles of one’s expectations with the Media and the public hysteria surrounding him. While Salman who’s Being Human and trying to stay away from the Media frenzy today, it is always his actions that grab headlines, for all wrong reasons.




  1. all the controversy makes salman to build more fans around the world ,may b the reason he has the biggest and strong fan following.his fans love him no matter what is the situation.

  2. Hei… Mr.AKSHAY…. Just do not jump into the conclusion… ignoring the facts… A Film Star like Salman Represents an Indian Society, Culture. People learn & follow these stars….Due to such nasty & Bad guys in bollywood… India Cinema suffers a lot & Media, Society gettingt hampered. People knowing do mistakes…He should be sent to prison..

  3. Tamanna … U r quite Correct… Due to comments posted like Akshay…Salman carrying praise… He should be discarded… Salman should be sent to Jail.


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