All is not well for the Commando Girl, Pooja Chopra. While the world was busy celebrating and partying, welcoming the New Year with open arms, Pooja was hospitalized.

Pooja underwent an outlandish accident at her Mumbai residence on Monday afternoon. The actress was by her window, sipping tea, when the glass-pane of the window shattered and disintegrated on the floor. A glass piece pierced Pooja’s left leg and it started bleeding extensively.

Pooja Chopra
Pooja Chopra

She was hurried into a nearby hospital by her domestic help and there she had to undergo an immediate surgery which ran for over three and a half hours. She was operated by Dr. Charudutta Chakraborty, but by the time she was brought in she had lost sufficient amount of blood. A lot of nerve endings, arteries and tendons had to be repaired and there are around 50 stitches on Pooja’s leg.

Reported to be recovering, Pooja is on complete bed rest. Get well soon Pooja!

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